In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/23/2012)

Caraway: Gaming at Caraway
Calling all gamers! After having the opportunity of going to the Conference, Mr. Sosa’s 3rd grade class is creating their own games on-line using Gamestar Mechanic. Gamestar Mechanic is a game and on-line community that teaches kids how to design their own games! Through Gamestar Mechanic, the students are learning about the elements of game design which include: space, components, mechanics, goals, and rules.
Designing games also builds:
•Systems Thinking,
•21st Century Skills,
•Creative Problem Solving,
•Art and Aesthetics,
•Writing and Storytelling,
•and creates a motivation for STEM learning.
Visit Mr. Sosa’s website and click on “Class Made Games” to start playing some of these games. Remember to leave a comment with your suggestions on how the students can improve their games.
Happy Gaming!

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
– Blackland 1st grade students research and create presentation on famous inventors and animals. Visit “First Grade has been hard at Work” at
– Old Town 1st grade students research animals and create projects. Visit “Animal Research for First Grade” at
– Chandler Oaks 5th grade students create pie graphs and convert fractions. Visit “5th Grade TAG Students Tackle Graphing – with Technology!” at
– Spicewood 5th grade students broaden their historical perspectives. Visit “5th Grade Teachers Create a Website to Support Student Research” at
– Sommer 5th grade students create claymation videos. Visit “Getting Animated!” at
– Cactus Ranch students acquire weather station. Visit “Cactus Ranch Weather Station” at
– Anderson Mill students use technology of expand their physical classroom. Visit “Netbooks Anywhere” at
– Herington students create public service video. Visit “Students Create Video to Honor Auxiliary Employees” at
– Blackland TAG students raise the level of collaboration during poetry lesson. Visit “Let’s Meet on Today’s Meet!” at
– Berkman students use mix fun with learning as they practice their skills of using a coordinate grid. Visit “Coordinate Grid Online” at

Great Oaks: Take a Look at Kidcaster Lauren!!!
Take look at Lauren Bradley. She got a rare opportunity thanks to Zack Shields of Fox 7 News. Lauren was able to appear on live television and give the morning forecast. What a wonderful opportunity! If you want your child to appear with Zack, just apply through his Kidcaster website:

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