In the Spotlight (Secondary – 5/1/2012)

Cedar Valley Middle School “QR-azy for QRs”
CeVMS has gone a little QR-azy for QR Codes! They are popping up all over the hallways, in emails, in the cafeteria, and even in the Library. 


Cedar Valley Middle School “Ms. Lake’s Class is SMART”
Ms. Lake has incorporated the use of a SMART board in her FAC class this semester. The students look forward to getting up and interacting with the board daily.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “8th Grade Moodles”
Students in 8th grade science classes are using Moodle calculate speed, velocity, and acceleration.

Grisham Middle School “Is this a Hoax?”
Students in our 8th grade Language Arts classes have been working on a research unit. One aspect of that unit is web site evaluation. Students were given the 5 W’s of web site evaluation.

Ridgeview Middle School “Virtual Microscopes in 6th Grade Science”
Mr. Hardesty is introducing microscope skills to his sixth grade science students with the help of a virtual microscope.

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