In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/22/2012)

Berkman: Year End Photostories
First grade students in Mrs. Duffy’s class enjoyed learing about Photostory as they incorporated photos from their classroom into a year end movie. Students learned how to import images, add text to each photo, and create music. They each enjoyed viewing their own finished product as well as their classmates’ movies.

Double File: Wellness, Cooking & Technology
As part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program happening at Double File Trail, students were challenges to track their movement, eat healthy and much more! Here First Grader Gavin and his cousins Alyssa and Gabriel teach you how to make a healthy smoothie! The family created the video at home and uploaded to our DFT School Tube account. See if you can learn from their home cooking show! Vote for Gavin on his School Tube Video at

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Blackland Prairie PPCD students: “Touch” Me a Story!
Caraway: Book Trailers from TAG
Gattis 2nd grade students: Food Chain in Kidspiration
Old Town 5th grade students: Animal Adaptations and Ecosystems
Sommer: Second Grade Poetry
Caraway 1st grade students: Happy Mother’s Day
Forest Creek: Fourth Grade Practices Surgery—in the lab!
Forest Creek: Fifth Grade creates Brain Pop Videos
Forest Creek: Fifth Grade Creates IO Machines
Old Town: Kinder Reading
Purple Sage 5th grade students: Photo Story3 Used as Background for Live Performance

Canyon Creek: Stop Motion Geometry
Mrs. Mitchell’s class used stop-motion animation to to demonstrate their understanding of translation, rotation and slide. The students collaborated with partners to create their videos. One student held the camera and the other moved the object in small increments to create movement when turned into a video. The photographs were moving!

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