In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/24/2012)

Voigt: Graphing Energy
Fifth grade students in Mr. Halsell’s science class created comparative bar graphs from data gathered in a potential/kinetic energy investigation using online graphing tools. Once complete, the students added their graphs to a Powerpoint presentation on potential and kinetic energy.

Berkman: Fifth Grade Video & Music Producers
In their final session of Aspire, fifth grade students explored the world of video and music production. Students worked in small groups to retell or transform scenes from a short story they had read. Their project plan included storyboarding, script writing, role assignment and lastly shooting the video. Students also explored an online music creation program called Soundation Studio which was very easy to use yet complex enough that they felt like they were actually in a real recording studio! This was a great introduction into the world of multimedia!

Old Town: Providing Goods and Services
2nd graders finished up their goods and services unit by interviewing someone and choosing a final project to present their information. This student chose an interview using the broadcast greenscreen and software.


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