Concept-Mapping Techniques and Software

Concept-mapping, described in its most simplistic form, is a visual form of outlining. As with outlining, it captures thoughts and ideas, organizes those thoughts and ideas, and shows dependencies/connections between those thoughts and ideas. However, this technique, also called idea-mapping and mind-mapping, goes beyond the limitations that are inherent in such a linear tool as outlining. Concept-mapping provides a visual representation or diagram for individuals and groups to easily see how ideas connect to each other and relate to a main topic.

Because it is visual,
– ideas can be more easily explained and conveyed
– deeper thinking and understanding is promoted
– problems, possibilities, and scenarios can be more easily analyzed and explored
– engagement in the brainstorming process is encouraged and facilitated
– collaboration is increased

Although this technique can be done with a pencil and paper, chalkboard, marker board, or an easel pad, using digital tools such as concept-mapping software, document cameras, and interactive devices increase flexibility, documentation, and sharing to a much higher and more engaged level.

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