About Getting I.T. Right

This showcase exhibits excellent examples of the ways RRISD educators use technology to fulfill our districts mission to provide exemplary education, guidance, and encouragement to empower all students to reach their individual potential and become contributing members of a diverse community. The projects, lessons and activities are carefully designed, engaged-learning experiences. These experiences immerse students into real-world, problem-based events which maximize learning and nurture the skills needed for ultimate student achievement.  We recognize that students learn best when classroom experiences are highly engaging and aligned to assessments that are meaningful and performance based. These experiences prepare students for the Information Age by requiring them to move beyond information consumers to become information producers. Educational technology makes this possible. Technology provides avenues for the acquisition of 21st century skills, demonstration of  learning, information gathering, and collaboration beyond the classroom walls.  Exemplary learning contexts must include relevant and accessible technologies that transform teaching and learning, and without which, maximum achievement cannot be attained.

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