Brushy Creek students showcase web design project

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 3/24/15

Jennifer Rubin’s third grade class at Brushy Creek Elementary School showcased their website project that incorporated technology, English and science lessons into an amazing collection of Google sites. How Animals Survive in Polar Climates challenged students to create their own Google sites to share their research on animals in the Arctic. Students included multimedia and… (Read More)


Digital Learning Day 2015

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 3/13/15

Spicewood students explored Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiences during the school’s Digital Learning Day. Held the Friday prior to Spring Break, Digital Learning Day provided opportunities for students to explore STEM experiences throughout the school day. Students took part in a variety of STEM courses, including: coding, architecture, engineering, and geology instruction. The day provided access to…. (Read More)


Concept-Mapping Techniques and Software

Concept-mapping, described in its most simplistic form, is a visual form of outlining. As with outlining, it captures thoughts and ideas, organizes those thoughts and ideas, and shows dependencies/connections between those thoughts and ideas. However, this technique, also called idea-mapping and mind-mapping, goes beyond the limitations that are inherent in such a linear tool as outlining. Concept-mapping provides a visual representation or diagram for individuals and groups to easily see how ideas connect to each other and relate to a main topic.

Because it is visual,
– ideas can be more easily explained and conveyed
– deeper thinking and understanding is promoted
– problems, possibilities, and scenarios can be more easily analyzed and explored
– engagement in the brainstorming process is encouraged and facilitated
– collaboration is increased

Although this technique can be done with a pencil and paper, chalkboard, marker board, or an easel pad, using digital tools such as concept-mapping software, document cameras, and interactive devices increase flexibility, documentation, and sharing to a much higher and more engaged level.

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as well as other, technology is being integrated into the curriculum.
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Document Cameras in the Classroom

PreK through 12th grade teachers are discovering not only the instructional power, but the ease and flexibility of the document camera. It is capable of projecting, magnifying, and recording easily seen images and video of books, objects, documents, maps, drawings, activities, experiments, people, animals, etc. This tool is quickly becoming a favorite of teachers, individual students, and groups of students during lessons, demonstrations, and presentations:
– monitoring eggs hatching, butterflies emerging, plants growing, etc.
– graphic organizers
– modeling math and writing/editing
– math manipulatives
– art work
– science experiments and dissections
– student work
– show and tell
– “Big Book” reading and activities
– calculators
– timers
– note taking
– (the list can be endless)

All of this can be captured through video so that it can be reviewed later, for providing it to absent students, or providing a tool to help parents to support their children at home.

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Be sure to click on your school in the side bar to see examples of how this,
as well as other, technology is being integrated into the curriculum.
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In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/22/2012)

Berkman: Year End Photostories
First grade students in Mrs. Duffy’s class enjoyed learing about Photostory as they incorporated photos from their classroom into a year end movie. Students learned how to import images, add text to each photo, and create music. They each enjoyed viewing their own finished product as well as their classmates’ movies.

Double File: Wellness, Cooking & Technology
As part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program happening at Double File Trail, students were challenges to track their movement, eat healthy and much more! Here First Grader Gavin and his cousins Alyssa and Gabriel teach you how to make a healthy smoothie! The family created the video at home and uploaded to our DFT School Tube account. See if you can learn from their home cooking show! Vote for Gavin on his School Tube Video at

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Blackland Prairie PPCD students: “Touch” Me a Story!
Caraway: Book Trailers from TAG
Gattis 2nd grade students: Food Chain in Kidspiration
Old Town 5th grade students: Animal Adaptations and Ecosystems
Sommer: Second Grade Poetry
Caraway 1st grade students: Happy Mother’s Day
Forest Creek: Fourth Grade Practices Surgery—in the lab!
Forest Creek: Fifth Grade creates Brain Pop Videos
Forest Creek: Fifth Grade Creates IO Machines
Old Town: Kinder Reading
Purple Sage 5th grade students: Photo Story3 Used as Background for Live Performance

Canyon Creek: Stop Motion Geometry
Mrs. Mitchell’s class used stop-motion animation to to demonstrate their understanding of translation, rotation and slide. The students collaborated with partners to create their videos. One student held the camera and the other moved the object in small increments to create movement when turned into a video. The photographs were moving!

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/18/2012)

Jollyville Robotics Students give Demonstration at Barnes and Noble
Jollyville Elementary school held a book fair at Barnes and Noble near Lakeline Mall. A percentage of the day’s purchases went to Jollyville’s library. Librarian, Mrs. Carter, organized lots of events for the day, like a pet parade, flip flop fashion show and a robotics demonstration. At 10:30 on Saturday morning, the robotics club met in the store’s story area to show off some things that they have been working on this year. Children gathered around to watch and the to use the robots, created with Lego NXT kits, themselves.

Wells Branch: 5th Graders Keeping Current!
Students in Mrs. Wilson’s 5th grade class have been keeping up with current events within our community and around the world. The students presented a news worthy event that occurred within the past week. The students can present their articles in a variety of ways. Some students use technology such at Prezi, Windows Live Movie Maker, Office Powerpoint, and Office Publisher, while other students use their creative side with the arts. Creativity and learning comes alive with re-enactments of the article through a skit, anchoring a newscast , while other still create sculptures and book covers for the article. This allows the students to keep current with news worthy events through all different learning styles and media.

Graphic Organizers
Caraway 4th grade students: Brainstorning Web of Prior Knowledge
Pond Springs students: Classifying Animals with Kidspiration

Living History Museum
Live Oak 3rd grade students
Old Town 3rd grade students

Interactive Boards
Callison: Advanced Promethean Training!
Pond Springs: Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?

Response Devices
Berkman: Let’s Vote
Deepwood: TurningPoint Response System.

Video Productions/Presentations
Spicewood: 1st Grade Expressions
Canyon Creek: Hatchet Retold Using Paper Slides
Fern Bluff: Stop Motion Movies on Energy Sources

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Deepwood: Favorite Things Tagxedo
Bluebonnet: Second Grade Creates Powerpoint Presentations to Display Research
Cactus Ranch: Animal Skull Examination
Callison: Online Resource Training!
Live Oak: Fifth Grade is Going Places with Moodle
Live Oak: Fourth and Fifth Graders Learn Science with STEMscopes
Pond Springs: Fourth Grader Make Cartoons with ToonDoo
Pond Springs: First Grade Creates Animal Photo Stories
Purple Sage: New Technology at Purple Sage
Purple Sage: Student Created Newsletter
Purple Sage: Intervention Software
Purple Sage: QR Codes used at our Book Fair
Spicewood: Public Service Announcements

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/10/2012)

Wells Branch: 4th Grade House Builders!
Wells Branch 4th graders are currently working on a house-building project using an application called Google Sketch-Up. This free program from Google allows them to build 3 dimensional models. Students are putting their geometric skills and knowledge to create these awesome 3-D model homes!

Paper Slides
– Herrington: Second Graders Create Paper Slide Videos
– Canyon Creek: Paper Slide Shows

Digital Book Reports
– Voigt 4th grade students: Digital Book Trailers
– Voigt 5th grade students: Novel Study Movies

Animal Research and Presentations
– Old Town 1st grade students
– Spicewood 2nd grade students
– Caldwell Heights 2nd grade students  (May 4th posting)

Community Service/Awareness
– Spicewood: 5th Grade Students Spread Awareness Using Weebly
– Spicewood: Prezi Spices Up Our Presentations!

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
– Double File 2nd grade students create online poems. Visit “Poetry Online” at
– Robertson 3rd grade students use technology to prepare for their Living History Museum. Visit “Online Databases Help With Biographical Research” at
– Wells Branch 5th grade students take a closer look at owl pellets in their science lesson. Visit “Owl Pellets Up Close!” at
– Gattis students use technology as a tool. Visit “Technology as a Tool” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/4/2012)

Sommer Elementary: First Grade Commercials
First Grade students participated in a media literacy unit. As a part of this unit of study, students created a product as if it would be sold in the marketplace. To complete this project students wrote and produced commercials for the products that they invented. These commercials were filmed using the green screen technology and equipment that we have in our broadcast room. They had a blast staging their commercials and choosing the pictures that would be their background.

Callison Elementary: Congratulations, Ms. Schlung!
On Saturday, April 28th, fourth grade teacher Ms. Brianna Schlung had an opportunity to showcase her Promethean skills as eager Texas State students watched. Ms. Schlung was asked to visit with the Texas State students after she was observed by Texas State interns on Callison’s campus.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Deepwood 5th grade students create math reviews. Visit “Geometry Review Apps” at
Fern Bluff 2nd grade students take virtual field trip of the Indianapolis Zoo. Visit “Amazing Amazon Virtual Fieldtrip” at
Deepwood 2nd grade students create presentations on animals. Visit “Voice Thread Presentations in Second Grade” at
Caldwell Heights 4th grade students study science with the help of Jeff Ferris from The Natural Gardener of Austin. Visit the May 1st posting at
Herrington 3rd grade students create Texas Bluebonnet Award book reviews for campus library. Visit “Students Review Books for Library Display” at
Jollyville students conduct electronic surveys. Visit “TAG Students Use Survey Tool to Gather Data about their Classmates” at
Anderson Mill 1st grade students use technology to learn math concepts. Visit “Math Stations” at
Old Town students use Today’s Meet to collaborate and brainstorm. Visit “Today’s Meet” at
Old Town 5th grade students create brochures of Texas facts. Visit “Stating the Facts” at
Sommer 2nd grade students produce videos of Rossini. Visit “Animoto Research Projects” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/30/2012)

Bluebonnet: Teacher on Maternity Leave Skypes with Third Grade Class
Mrs. Finlayson left her third grade class only days before the STAAR test to go on maternity leave. Realizing that this time might be stressful for the students, who have not taken a standardized test before, the thoughtful teacher decided that she wanted to set up a video conference with her students. This was such a wonderful example of a teacher using technology to support the learning in the classroom and bring the world to her students.

Great Oaks 2nd grade students have their claymation videos shown at the Alamo Drafthouse:
Visit “Taking It to the Another Level” at
Students love seeing their work published posted on teacher websites, so you can imagine how excited they are to have their work shown in a public movie theater.


More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Anderson Mill 1st grade students study metamorphosis. Visit “Samsung Digital Presenter” at
Old Town 2nd grade students focus on science vocabulary words. Visit “Word Skills” at
Forest Creek 2nd grade students use Kidspiration to study the life cycle of butterflies. Visit “Canizales’ Cuddly Bears Brainstorm about Butterflies” at
Forest North 4th grade students have new ways to publish what they write. Visit “Honing those Writing Skills” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/25/2012)

Wells Branch: 5th Grade Science- It’s a breath of fresh Oxygen!
In investigating the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle to understand its significance to our survival, 5th grade students conducted a lab to look for evidence of photosynthesis. Students had to put on serious scientist thinking, as they looked for oxygen bubbles in test tubes with water plants, and then used an acid indicator that changes color to prove that photosynthesis had occurred. Students video recorded all their work and thinking. They will be spending the next few weeks editing and creating a final product that will explain what they learned.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Robertson 2nd grade students research and create reports on animals. Visit the April 19, 2012 posting of “PebbleGo–A Rich Research Resource for Young Readers” at
Callison 2nd grade students take a virtual field trip. Visit “Virtual Field Trip!” at
Old Town 2nd grade students research and create timelines of life events of historical characters. Visit “Second Grade Time Lines are in Order” at
Cactus Ranch 3rd grade students use SMART Interactive tools in Music class. Visit “SMART Music” at
Wells Branch 3rd grade students blend webquests, real-life, math, and science. Visit “3rd Grade Webquesting!” at
Wells Branch 4th grade students use a webcam to stream and record live video of a caterpillar’s lifecycle. Visit
Wells Branch 5th grade students use webcam and video conferencing tool to have fun learning science. Visit “5th Graders Hanging Out…Google Style!” at