In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/10/2012)

Wells Branch: 4th Grade House Builders!
Wells Branch 4th graders are currently working on a house-building project using an application called Google Sketch-Up. This free program from Google allows them to build 3 dimensional models. Students are putting their geometric skills and knowledge to create these awesome 3-D model homes!

Paper Slides
– Herrington: Second Graders Create Paper Slide Videos
– Canyon Creek: Paper Slide Shows

Digital Book Reports
– Voigt 4th grade students: Digital Book Trailers
– Voigt 5th grade students: Novel Study Movies

Animal Research and Presentations
– Old Town 1st grade students
– Spicewood 2nd grade students
– Caldwell Heights 2nd grade students  (May 4th posting)

Community Service/Awareness
– Spicewood: 5th Grade Students Spread Awareness Using Weebly
– Spicewood: Prezi Spices Up Our Presentations!

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
– Double File 2nd grade students create online poems. Visit “Poetry Online” at
– Robertson 3rd grade students use technology to prepare for their Living History Museum. Visit “Online Databases Help With Biographical Research” at
– Wells Branch 5th grade students take a closer look at owl pellets in their science lesson. Visit “Owl Pellets Up Close!” at
– Gattis students use technology as a tool. Visit “Technology as a Tool” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/4/2012)

Sommer Elementary: First Grade Commercials
First Grade students participated in a media literacy unit. As a part of this unit of study, students created a product as if it would be sold in the marketplace. To complete this project students wrote and produced commercials for the products that they invented. These commercials were filmed using the green screen technology and equipment that we have in our broadcast room. They had a blast staging their commercials and choosing the pictures that would be their background.

Callison Elementary: Congratulations, Ms. Schlung!
On Saturday, April 28th, fourth grade teacher Ms. Brianna Schlung had an opportunity to showcase her Promethean skills as eager Texas State students watched. Ms. Schlung was asked to visit with the Texas State students after she was observed by Texas State interns on Callison’s campus.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Deepwood 5th grade students create math reviews. Visit “Geometry Review Apps” at
Fern Bluff 2nd grade students take virtual field trip of the Indianapolis Zoo. Visit “Amazing Amazon Virtual Fieldtrip” at
Deepwood 2nd grade students create presentations on animals. Visit “Voice Thread Presentations in Second Grade” at
Caldwell Heights 4th grade students study science with the help of Jeff Ferris from The Natural Gardener of Austin. Visit the May 1st posting at
Herrington 3rd grade students create Texas Bluebonnet Award book reviews for campus library. Visit “Students Review Books for Library Display” at
Jollyville students conduct electronic surveys. Visit “TAG Students Use Survey Tool to Gather Data about their Classmates” at
Anderson Mill 1st grade students use technology to learn math concepts. Visit “Math Stations” at
Old Town students use Today’s Meet to collaborate and brainstorm. Visit “Today’s Meet” at
Old Town 5th grade students create brochures of Texas facts. Visit “Stating the Facts” at
Sommer 2nd grade students produce videos of Rossini. Visit “Animoto Research Projects” at

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 5/1/2012)

Cedar Valley Middle School “QR-azy for QRs”
CeVMS has gone a little QR-azy for QR Codes! They are popping up all over the hallways, in emails, in the cafeteria, and even in the Library. 


Cedar Valley Middle School “Ms. Lake’s Class is SMART”
Ms. Lake has incorporated the use of a SMART board in her FAC class this semester. The students look forward to getting up and interacting with the board daily.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “8th Grade Moodles”
Students in 8th grade science classes are using Moodle calculate speed, velocity, and acceleration.

Grisham Middle School “Is this a Hoax?”
Students in our 8th grade Language Arts classes have been working on a research unit. One aspect of that unit is web site evaluation. Students were given the 5 W’s of web site evaluation.

Ridgeview Middle School “Virtual Microscopes in 6th Grade Science”
Mr. Hardesty is introducing microscope skills to his sixth grade science students with the help of a virtual microscope.

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/25/2012)

Wells Branch: 5th Grade Science- It’s a breath of fresh Oxygen!
In investigating the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle to understand its significance to our survival, 5th grade students conducted a lab to look for evidence of photosynthesis. Students had to put on serious scientist thinking, as they looked for oxygen bubbles in test tubes with water plants, and then used an acid indicator that changes color to prove that photosynthesis had occurred. Students video recorded all their work and thinking. They will be spending the next few weeks editing and creating a final product that will explain what they learned.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Robertson 2nd grade students research and create reports on animals. Visit the April 19, 2012 posting of “PebbleGo–A Rich Research Resource for Young Readers” at
Callison 2nd grade students take a virtual field trip. Visit “Virtual Field Trip!” at
Old Town 2nd grade students research and create timelines of life events of historical characters. Visit “Second Grade Time Lines are in Order” at
Cactus Ranch 3rd grade students use SMART Interactive tools in Music class. Visit “SMART Music” at
Wells Branch 3rd grade students blend webquests, real-life, math, and science. Visit “3rd Grade Webquesting!” at
Wells Branch 4th grade students use a webcam to stream and record live video of a caterpillar’s lifecycle. Visit
Wells Branch 5th grade students use webcam and video conferencing tool to have fun learning science. Visit “5th Graders Hanging Out…Google Style!” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/20/2012)

Wells Branch 5th grade students create movies to explain addition and subtraction of fractions. Visit “Fraction of a Fifth Grader” at
Students were able to choose one of the following as the video they wanted to create:
1. Make a how-to video that would teach other students your age how to put fractions in order from least to greatest.
2. Create a commercial that advertises a special item for sale. It should use equivalent fractions to try and trick the buyer into paying more for the same amount of product.

Forest Creek Coyotes Service Learning Club Learns about Commercials and Promotes Empty Bowl Project Event: (
The Service Learning Club is a group of fourth and fifth grade students who do community-focused activities throughout the year at Forest Creek Elementary. One of the many activities they are involved with is the Empty Bowl Project, a fund raiser for the Round Rock food pantry. People create empty bowls which are sold at a fund raiser; all proceeds benefit the Round Rock Area Serving Center. The students wanted to advertise the event to the other students at Forest Creek, so they decided to create a commercial. The students researched what they wanted the commercial to say and wrote the script. The students filmed the commercial with teacher support.
During the course of this month long project, the students learned about writing to a specific audience and creating a focused message. They also learned about public speaking and memorized their parts. They learned about technology as they filmed and helped put together the project. We are very proud of these students and their finished project. We are hoping that this not only encourages people to come to the Empty Bowl Festival on Saturday, April 14th, but also inspires them to try a project-based learning experience also! Please enjoy the commercial our students worked so hard on. Click here ( if you would like to view the commercial on YouTube.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Voigt Kindergarten students illustrate their knowledge of organisms and their environments. Visit “What Do Plants Need?” at
Teravista Kindergarten students categorize living and non-living in science. Visit “Kindergarten” at
Pond Springs Kindergarten student use technology to vote for and graph results on their favorite Armadillo books. Visit “Kindergarten Students Create Graphs with TurningPoint!” at
Anderson Mill 1st grade students learn about animal characteristics. Visit “Animals” at
Berkman 1st grade students learn about and illustrate life cycles in science. Visit “Life Cycle Illustration” at
Great Oaks 1st grade students use video to observe and study hatching of eggs in classroom project. Visit “First Grade Chicks Hatching” at
Forest Creek 1st grade students create video of animal research. Visit “Heinzen’s Honeybees Buzz about PhotoStory” at
Berkman 2nd grade students make technology part of their daily routine. Visit “Daily Routines Not So Routine” at
Blackland 2nd grade students use TurningPoint response devices. Visit “Student Response Devices…being Paper-Lean and Green” at
Chandler Oaks 2nd grade students create public service announcement videos on making safe choices. Visit “Second Grade Responds to Problems” at
Teravista 2nd grade students combine puppets and technology to present student created stories. Visit “2nd grade in art” at
Teravista 2nd grade students create PowerPoint presentations on their animal research. Visit “Second Grade Creates Creative Presentations” at
Spicewood 2nd grade students use webcams to monitor life cycle of Monarch butterflies. Visit “Live Streaming of 2nd Grade Monarchs” at
Deepwood 2nd grade students use blogs as part of their learning process. Visit “Second Grade Blogs” at
Forest Creek 2nd grade students create PowerPoint presentations on their animal research. Visit “Fulp’s Flashy Fish and Kelso’s Critters Tackles Power Point!” at
Blackland 3rd grade students create presentations of their online research. Visit “Third Graders are working on research projects” at
Chandler Oaks 3rd grade students use technology to investigate probability in math. Visit “Third Graders Get “SMART” with Probability” at
Teravista 3rd grade students use Google Earth to gather data on natural and man-made wonders. Visit “TAG” at
Forest Creek 3rd grade students use Word Clouds to write descriptive sentences. Visit “Shogan’s Salamanders Used TAGXEDO” at
Teravista 4th grade students to write a Leadership book. Visit “4th grade uses Technology To Promote Leadership” at
Bluebonnet 5th grade students make the most of their laptop computers. Visit “5th Grade Superstars” at
Teravista 5th grade students use StemScopes and TurningPoint to review their understanding of Science concepts. Visit “STAAR Science Practice” at
Anderson Mill students take advantage of the Round Rock ISD’s eLibrary system. Visit “In the Library” at
Blackland students use digital Avatars to narrate book reports. Visit “Avatars” at
Berkman students move forward in creating their websites on Greek mythology and paper toys. Visit “Student Web Designers” at
Old Town students use Book Flix to combine art and Book Flix. Visit “Art and Technology” at
Live Oak students use Google Docs to collect data. Visit “TAG Students create surveys using Google Docs” at

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 4/3/2012)

“It is important to remember that educational software, like textbooks, is only one tool in the learning process. Neither can be a substitute for well-trained teachers, leadership, and parental involvement.” Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Academic Night and Mr. Maitland’s Interactive Classroom”

Cedar Valley Middle School “Figurative Language Webquest

Ridgeview Middle School “Texas History Writes Civil War Diaries with the help of Voicethread!/2012/02/texas-history-writes-civil-war-diaries.html

Round Rock High School “SMART Future Teachers at RRHS”

Stony Point High School “Students Regain Credit with the Help of E2020

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/2/2012)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

– Voigt kindergarten students use Kidspiration for science study. Visit “Living or Nonliving” at
– Robertson kindergarten students use Discovery Education Streaming videos to enhance learning. Visit “March 22, 2012: Discovery Education Streaming Introduces Science Topics” at

– Forest North 1st grade students create a collaborative video to publish research findings. Visit “1st Grade Writing Turned Video” at
– Teravista 1st grade students become media literate and wise consumers of information. Visit “Media Literacy” at

– Sommer 2nd grade students create book report videos. Visit “2nd Grade is making movies!” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students study the water cycle. Visit “Illustrating the Water Cycle” at

– Canyon Creek 3rd grade students use technology to study animal adaptation. Visit “Keeping Warm with Animal Adaptations” at

– Old Town 4th grade students publish products from their week long writing camp. Visit “Final Publishing During Camp Write-a-Lot” at

– Old Town 5th grade students study career choices and budget planning. Visit “Fiscal Fifth Graders” at
– Spicewood 5th grade students use response devices to collect and analyze data. Visit “5th Grade Uses Audience Response Devices to Analyze Research” at

– Brushy Creek and Teravista students participate in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Tweetle Beetle Puddle Paddle Battle” at and “Teravista Students Use Turning Point for the Battle of the Bluebonnet” at
– Fern Bluff students use response devices as they work toward maintaining their Math Pentathlon State Champions status. Visit “Back by popular demand…” at
– Forest North students go online with campus newspaper. Visit “Campus News Paper Goes Digital” at
– Great Oaks students submit contest entry for Doodle for Google artwork. Visit “Congratulations to the Doodle for Google Finalists” at

– Spicewood teachers use online video tutorials to reinforce learning. Visit “Spicewood Teachers Use Kahn Academy to Support Diverse Learners” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 3/28/2012)

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein

– Forest Creek kindergarten students become critical consumers of information and wise shoppers. Visit “Sanders’ Bugs Advertise!” at
– Great Oaks kindergarten students use robotics to become engineers. Visit “What??? Kindergarten Robotics???” at

– Berkman 1st grade students use a webcam in order to have anytime, anywhere, real time observation of their classroom science lesson. Visit “The Eggs Have Arrived & They Have Their Own Channel” at
– Forest Creek 1st grade students enhance their writing skills. Visit “Delgado’s Dragons Publish” at
– Gattis 1st grade students use Skype to take a virtual trip to Canada. Visit “Skype to Saskatchewan, Canada” at

– Berkman 2nd grade students use blogs as a communication tool and to post what they find during research. Visit “Students Begin Blogging” at and “Enrichment Through Technology” at
– Great Oaks 2nd grade students combine writing and robotics. Visit “Absolutely Adorable Lego WeDo Projects” at
– Great Oaks 2nd grade students create a Claymation video as part of a service learning project on conserving natural resources. Visit “Joy’s Joys Amazing Claymation Project” at
– Old Town 2nd grade students use Kidspiration to study the food chain. Visit “What do second graders eat?” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students study media literacy and communicate using blogs. Visit “Students Begin Blogging” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students use spreadsheets to record and graph collected weather data. Visit “What’s the Weather Like?” at

– Brushy Creek 3rd grade students create and edit classroom videos of themselves and their school to share with students in another state. Visit “Third Grade MovieMakers” at
– Anderson Mill 3rd grade students use interactive technology to expand their math skills. Visit “Fractions” at
– Voigt 3rd grade students learn about Internet Safety. Visit “Internet Safety Lesson with Little Red” at

– Caraway 4th grade students combine physical activity and technology to graph data and develop deeper math skills. Visit “How High Can We Jump?” at

– Deepwood 5th grade students experience architectural design. Visit “Google SketchUp” at
– Fern Bluff 5th grade students use technology to create videos of their poetry projects. Visit “Poetry Videos using Animoto”
– Jollyville 5th grade students talk about their efforts to prepare for the upcoming RRISD Robotics Showcase. Visit “Robotics Special Projects” at

– Double File students use technology to document their reading comprehension and personal reading goals. Visit “Accelerated Reader” at
– Live Oak students use online resources as part of their Famous Americans research. Visit “Who am I?” at
– Ponds Springs students use response devices to participate in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Battle with TurningPoint” at
– Purple Sage students take second place in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Purple Sage takes 2nd Place in the Bluebonnets. at
– Pond Springs students use Google Docs to participate in a survey to select their enrichment class choices. Visit “Fridays are Sweeter with Google Docs” at
– Voigt students enrich their learning using technology. Visit “Enrichment Through Technology” at

– Voigt teachers use Wikispaces to collaborate and plan technology integration. Visit “Technology Workshops” at

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 3/6/2012)

“The future belongs to young people who know where the knowledge is, how to get it, how to think about it, and how to turn it into better work, better products, and better lives.”
Rexford Brown, Executive Director, P.S. 1 Charter School and Urban Learning Communities, Inc.


C.D. Fulkes Middle School
Mrs. Walden’s Journalism Class sses Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to create the yearbook

Cedar Valley Middle School

This is How You do It

Cedar Valley is in the News for DLD

Commercial Espanol

Deerpark Middle School

Super Source Citing with Animoto

QR Codes Everywhere

Ridgeview Middle School

Brain Pop Helps with Clauses!/2012/03/brainpop-helps-with-clauses.html

Netbooks Make a Splash in Dance!/2012/02/netbooks-make-splash-in-dance.html

Bring Your Own Technology

Ridgeview Middle School!/2012/02/mrs-pickles-class-uses-cell-phone-to.html

Walsh Middle School

Cedar Ridge High School

Tech Tuesday – Smart Slates

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 3/2/2012)

“There can be infinite uses of the computer and new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.”
Nancy Kassebaum, US Senator

– Deepwood students design T-shirts for their school. Visit “Digital T-Shirt Design” at
– Forest Creek students study scientific tools and crystals. Visit “Mercado’s Students Explore Science with Technology!” at
– Fern Bluff and Jollyville students compete against other students and campuses on their knowledge of Bluebonnet books. Visit “Battle of the Bluebonnets” at and

– Old Town kindergarten students study symbols and leaders. Visit “Be a Leader” at
– Old Town kindergarten students use laptops. Visit “Kinder Stations” at
– Wells Branch kindergarten students research animals. Visit “Kinder Kids are WILD Animals!” at

– Herrington 1st grade students write digitally. Visit “1st Graders Learn Microsoft Word Skills” at
– Old Town 1st grade teachers incorporate interactive technology in lessons. Visit “Teachers Learn Too” at
– Spicewood 1st grade students study the importance of water to all living things. Visit “Google Earth Helps 1st Grade Explore Water Around the World” at
– Chandler Oaks 1st grade students practice identifying and counting coins using Smart Table. Visit “1st Grade Students Get Smart with the Smart Table” at

– Teravista 2nd grade students create digital book reports. Visit “Second Grade” at
– Laurel Mountain 2nd and 3rd grade students express themselves through student created movies. Visit “Second and Third Grade Movie Makers” at

– Teravista 3rd grade students create digital book reports. Visit “Book Reports” at
– Bluebonnet 3rd grade students explore media literacy. Visit “Three Media Literacy” at
– Forest Creek 3rd grade students blog about books and kindness. Visit “Couture’s Crocodiles Blog Kindness” at
– Teravista 3rd grade students create travel brochures as they study media literacy. Visit “3rd Grade Media Literacy” at

– Bluebonnet 4th grade students get a little extra help with their math homework using a video how-to. Visit “Can’t Remember How Teacher Did That Problem in Class” at
– Chandler Oaks 4th grade students study and graph the reasons why people migrate. Visit “4th Grade Graphs their Origins” at
– Gattis 4th grade students study geometry. Visit “Angles – What do we know?” at
– Old Town 4th grade students create book report commercials. Visit “Will you read this book?” at
– Sommer 4th grade students create book report videos. Visit “TAG Students are Creating a Book Trailer” at
– Teravista 4th grade students create documentaries. Visit “TAG Update” at

– Deepwood 5th grade students create digital stories for kindergarten students. Visit “Little Bird Tales” at
– Chandler Oaks 5th grade students take a closer look at what makes their school environmentally aware. Visit “5th Grade Investigates: What Makes Us Green?” at
– Teravista 5th grade students create reports and timelines on famous people. Visit “5th Grade Biographies” at
– Teravista 5th grade student study animal adaptations. Visit “5th Grade Science” at
– Union Hill 5th grade students study black history and create digital reports. Visit “Literary Nonfiction + Black History Month = 5th Grade Powerpoints” at

– Blackland TAG students learn how to combine real-time and video learning. Visit “Students in Mrs. Horony’s Classroom” at
– Deepwood TAG students reflect on their week through video blogs. Visit “Students Video Blog on at