In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/18/2012)

Blackland Prairie 5th grade students are currently producing PowerPoint projects showing geometric shapes around the school. Digital cameras are used to capture the images then the pictures are downloaded for use in PowerPoint and Photostory. Visit “Captured: Geometric Shapes!” at

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Blackland 1st grade students use PowerPoint to practice making inferences. Visit “Riddle Me – Inferencing Game” at
Purple Sage 2nd grade students create digital timelines of biographies. Visit “Timelines with Inspiration” at
Purple Sage 2nd grade students make the most of their netbooks. Visit “Students at Work on Netbooks” at
Purple Sage students benefit from a “tech-savvy” librarian. Visit “National Library Week Spotlight” at
– Students across the district complete the RRISD Student Climate Survey. Visit “Callison Third Through Fifth Graders give Input!” at or “Old Town: Fourth Graders take the District Climate Survey” at
Old Town publishes new issue of campus newsletter. Visit “Old Town Times – March and April Issue” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/5/2012)

“Teachers need to stop saying, ‘Hand it in,’ and start saying ‘Publish It.'” Alan November

Forest Creek’s Morning Broadcast
The morning broadcast at Forest Creek has been expanded this year to be much more interactive and engaging for the students. Visit “Coyotes Go Live on Ki O T News” at


More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
– Sommer kindergarten students develop basic technology skills as they learn writing skills. Visit “Kindergarten uses Word” at
– Purple Sage 1st grade students find numbers around the library. Visit “Numbers EVERYWHERE!” at
– Herrington 1st grade students expand their knowledge of other countries. Visit “Country Research by 1st Graders” at
– Caldwell Heights 3rd grade students collect and display their work in ePortfolios. Visit their March 30, 2012 posting at
– Caraway 3rd grade students conduct surveys, collect data, and analyze results. Visit “Data Graphing Projects” at
– Forest Creek 3rd grade students use technology to study and present their understanding of fractions. Visit “Washburn’s 3rd Graders Choose Technology” at
– Spicewood students become digital authors. Visit “Primary Students Create Digital Books: at
– Laurel Mountain students research and report on their favorite animals. Visit “Research and Presenting” at
– Herrington students enhance their dual language skills with Read Naturally. Visit “Students Practice Spanish with Read Naturally” at
– Berkman TAG students experience a dynamic learning environment through embedded technology integration. Visit “TAG Tech Integration” at
– Old Town students and staff enjoy computer refresh. Visit “New Computers at Old Town” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/2/2012)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

– Voigt kindergarten students use Kidspiration for science study. Visit “Living or Nonliving” at
– Robertson kindergarten students use Discovery Education Streaming videos to enhance learning. Visit “March 22, 2012: Discovery Education Streaming Introduces Science Topics” at

– Forest North 1st grade students create a collaborative video to publish research findings. Visit “1st Grade Writing Turned Video” at
– Teravista 1st grade students become media literate and wise consumers of information. Visit “Media Literacy” at

– Sommer 2nd grade students create book report videos. Visit “2nd Grade is making movies!” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students study the water cycle. Visit “Illustrating the Water Cycle” at

– Canyon Creek 3rd grade students use technology to study animal adaptation. Visit “Keeping Warm with Animal Adaptations” at

– Old Town 4th grade students publish products from their week long writing camp. Visit “Final Publishing During Camp Write-a-Lot” at

– Old Town 5th grade students study career choices and budget planning. Visit “Fiscal Fifth Graders” at
– Spicewood 5th grade students use response devices to collect and analyze data. Visit “5th Grade Uses Audience Response Devices to Analyze Research” at

– Brushy Creek and Teravista students participate in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Tweetle Beetle Puddle Paddle Battle” at and “Teravista Students Use Turning Point for the Battle of the Bluebonnet” at
– Fern Bluff students use response devices as they work toward maintaining their Math Pentathlon State Champions status. Visit “Back by popular demand…” at
– Forest North students go online with campus newspaper. Visit “Campus News Paper Goes Digital” at
– Great Oaks students submit contest entry for Doodle for Google artwork. Visit “Congratulations to the Doodle for Google Finalists” at

– Spicewood teachers use online video tutorials to reinforce learning. Visit “Spicewood Teachers Use Kahn Academy to Support Diverse Learners” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 3/8/2012)

Round Rock ISD will be closed for Spring Break during the week of March 12th – March 16th. In the meantime, enjoy these current Getting I.T. Right postings.

– Chandler Oaks Kindergarten students create and publish a video on the research they did on Cheetahs. Visit “Kindergarten Investigates: Cheetahs” at

– Sommer 1st grade students research and publish their findings on penguins. Visit “First Grade Research Project on Penguins” at

– Caldwell Heights 2nd grade students create comics and movies to use images and sounds to persuade. Visit the March 6, 2012 posting at
– Old Town 2nd grade students use spreadsheets to create graphs of temperature. Visit “Rising and Falling Temperatures” at
– Sommer 2nd grade students produce news-broadcast weather reports based on their weather research. Visit “Second Grade Meteorologists” at

– Bluebonnet 4th grade students and their parents get a little homework help with a “how-to” video library. Visit “Can’t Remember How the Teacher Did That Problem In Class?” at
– Wells Branch 4th grade students use digital thermometers. Visit “4th Graders Using GoTemp!” at

– Spicewood 5th grade students use technology as a major component of their PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program) exhibitions. Visit “5th Graders Explore Technology for Their Exhibition” at

– Old Town students demonstrate their knowledge of the Bluebonnet books which they read. Visit “Voting with TurningPoint” at
– Double File library book fair goes digital. Visit “Library doing Digital Book Fair” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 3/2/2012)

“There can be infinite uses of the computer and new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.”
Nancy Kassebaum, US Senator

– Deepwood students design T-shirts for their school. Visit “Digital T-Shirt Design” at
– Forest Creek students study scientific tools and crystals. Visit “Mercado’s Students Explore Science with Technology!” at
– Fern Bluff and Jollyville students compete against other students and campuses on their knowledge of Bluebonnet books. Visit “Battle of the Bluebonnets” at and

– Old Town kindergarten students study symbols and leaders. Visit “Be a Leader” at
– Old Town kindergarten students use laptops. Visit “Kinder Stations” at
– Wells Branch kindergarten students research animals. Visit “Kinder Kids are WILD Animals!” at

– Herrington 1st grade students write digitally. Visit “1st Graders Learn Microsoft Word Skills” at
– Old Town 1st grade teachers incorporate interactive technology in lessons. Visit “Teachers Learn Too” at
– Spicewood 1st grade students study the importance of water to all living things. Visit “Google Earth Helps 1st Grade Explore Water Around the World” at
– Chandler Oaks 1st grade students practice identifying and counting coins using Smart Table. Visit “1st Grade Students Get Smart with the Smart Table” at

– Teravista 2nd grade students create digital book reports. Visit “Second Grade” at
– Laurel Mountain 2nd and 3rd grade students express themselves through student created movies. Visit “Second and Third Grade Movie Makers” at

– Teravista 3rd grade students create digital book reports. Visit “Book Reports” at
– Bluebonnet 3rd grade students explore media literacy. Visit “Three Media Literacy” at
– Forest Creek 3rd grade students blog about books and kindness. Visit “Couture’s Crocodiles Blog Kindness” at
– Teravista 3rd grade students create travel brochures as they study media literacy. Visit “3rd Grade Media Literacy” at

– Bluebonnet 4th grade students get a little extra help with their math homework using a video how-to. Visit “Can’t Remember How Teacher Did That Problem in Class” at
– Chandler Oaks 4th grade students study and graph the reasons why people migrate. Visit “4th Grade Graphs their Origins” at
– Gattis 4th grade students study geometry. Visit “Angles – What do we know?” at
– Old Town 4th grade students create book report commercials. Visit “Will you read this book?” at
– Sommer 4th grade students create book report videos. Visit “TAG Students are Creating a Book Trailer” at
– Teravista 4th grade students create documentaries. Visit “TAG Update” at

– Deepwood 5th grade students create digital stories for kindergarten students. Visit “Little Bird Tales” at
– Chandler Oaks 5th grade students take a closer look at what makes their school environmentally aware. Visit “5th Grade Investigates: What Makes Us Green?” at
– Teravista 5th grade students create reports and timelines on famous people. Visit “5th Grade Biographies” at
– Teravista 5th grade student study animal adaptations. Visit “5th Grade Science” at
– Union Hill 5th grade students study black history and create digital reports. Visit “Literary Nonfiction + Black History Month = 5th Grade Powerpoints” at

– Blackland TAG students learn how to combine real-time and video learning. Visit “Students in Mrs. Horony’s Classroom” at
– Deepwood TAG students reflect on their week through video blogs. Visit “Students Video Blog on at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 2/24/2012)

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” Bill Gates

– Pond Springs PPCD students classify dinosaurs using an Interactive Whiteboard. Visit “PPCD Students Classify with SMART” at
– Spicewood kindergarten students become media literate. Visit “Kindergarten Creates a Collaborative Newspaper” at
– Brush Creek kindergarten students and their parents have answering the question “What did you learn in school today?” simplified through the creative use of a document camera and a class webpage. Visit “Kindergarten on the Web” at
– Great Oaks kindergarten students use Kid Pix. Visit “Another O-ustanding Student Posting” at

– Teravista 2nd grade students make book trailers on their favorite library books. Visit “Second Grade” at
– Old Town 2nd grade students practice fractions. Visit “Kidspiring Fractions” at

– Canyon Creek 3rd grade students get instant feedback through the use of response devices. Visit “Warm Up Right” at
– Double File Trail 3rd grade students use response devices to make sure everyone’s opinion is heard and included. Visit “ActiVotes for the Whole Class” at
– Fern Bluff 3rd grade students use interactive tools to understand congruent shapes and symmetry. Visit “Interacting With Congruent Shapes” at
– Teravista 3rd grade combine media literacy, technology, persuasive text, advertising, art, science, and literature. Visit “3rd Grade Media Literacy” at
– Teravista 3rd grade students create book reports using PowerPoint. Visit “Book Reports” at

– Blackland Prairie 4th grade students express themselves through poetry. Visit “Color Poems by 4th Graders” at
– Purple Sage 4th grade students participate in a service learning project. Visit “Help Clean Up the Park” at
– Teravista 4th grade students create documentary videos. Visit “TAG Update” at

– Laurel Mountain 4th and 5th grade students use Skype to visit and interact with popular author. visit “Skyping with Tom Angleberger” at

– Caraway 5th grade students study and write poetry. Visit “Poems with Two Voices” at
– Old Town 5th grade students post their February newsletter. Visit “Hot off the Press!” at
– Pond Springs 5th grade students research and present what they learned about famous Americans. Visit “Photostory Biographies” at
– Purple Sage 5th grade students incorporate spreadsheets in their science fair projects. Visit ” EXCELlent Mathematicians!” at
– Teravista 5th grade students use graphing calculators. Visit “TAG Update” at
– Teravista 5th grade students research famous people. Visit “5th Grade Biographies” at
– Teravista 5th grade students study animal adaptations. Visit “5th Grade Science” at

– Live Oak librarian uses Moodle to help students participate and celebrate in reading Bluebonnet books. Visit “It’s Moodle Time in Live Oak!” and “Work Hard, Play Hard” at and
– Robertson Elementary students benefit from teachers’ use of Moodle. Visit ” Moodle Helps Teachers Organize Content” at
– Spicewood students and teachers use blogs to become producers on and not just consumers of the internet. Visit “Blogging at Spicewood” at
– Gattis students use technology to receive a little individualized instruction. Visit “Software for Individual Learners” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 2/3/2012)

Teachers all across Round Rock ISD leverage the excitement of learning with technology to raise the level of engagement throughout all learning and activities in the classroom.
“If we teach as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey

– Blackland Prairie on Remember How to Cut Paper Snowflakes at
– Forest Creek on Mrs. Teeler’s Class Go Digital in Class at
– Forest Creek on Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten Navigates Netbooks at
– Forest Creek on Whitfield’s Munchkins Compose in Word at
– Teravista on Kindergarten at

1st Grade
– Teravista on First Grade Technology-January at

2nd Grade
– Voigt on 2nd Grade Research at
– Spicewood on 2nd Grade Podcasts Their Poetry at
– Double File on Poetry at

3rd Grade
– Teravista on Me on the Map at
– Gattis on 3rd Grade Letters at

4th Grade
– Teravista on 4th Grade Language Arts at
– Teravista on Fourth Grade Technology at
– Chandler Oaks on 4th Grade Students Create Book Trailers at

5th Grade
– Teravista on 5th Grade-Researching Climate and Weather at
– Teravista on Science Fair Research at
– Deepwood on Deep Wood Online Newspaper at
– Double File Trail on Alternative Energy Project at

– Teravista on Technology used in art room at
– Spicewood on Art Kicks Off Claymation Movie Shorts with 5th Grade at

Physical Education
– Gattis on Fuel Up Video on Broadcast at

– Old Town on Venn Diagrams in the Library at
– Voigt on Let’s Make A Timeline at

Enrichment and Multi-Grade
– Teravista on Using technology during social skills at
– Teravista on Achieve at
– Teravista on TAG Math Technology Update at
– Spicewood on Where We Are in Time and Place at

Community Involvement and Service Learning
– Old Town on Pasta for Pennies at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 1/20/2012)

RRISD classrooms throughout the district serve as evidence of support for this statement by Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia: “Effective technology combined with great teachers and engaged students have the potential to transform the world of learning. The time has come to ensure that every child has access to the engaging experience that comes with powerful teaching and rigorous content available through digital learning.”

Parent and Community Activities:
– Callison on Callison’s Wake Up Wednesday “Get Wired!” at

Virtual Communication and Field Trips:
– Fern Bluff on Penguins: Columbus Zoo Virtual Fieldtrip at
– Old Town on Artists take a Virtual Field Trip at
– Voigt on Google Earth to Visualize A Paradise Called Texas at
– Teravista on First Grade Flat Stanley Project at

Physical Education:
– Fern Bluff on Fuel Up to Play 60 at

– Old Town on Art and Technology at

– Callison on Discovery Dome comes to Callison! at
– Caldwell Heights on Fifth grade students at Caldwell Heights used at

Organizing and Expressing Ideas, Insights, and Opinions:
– Spicewood on 1st Grade Students Explore and Share Ideas Using Wallwisher at
– Purple Sage on More Third Grade Biographies at
– Double File on Writing in 4th Grade at
– Jollyville on Third Grade Students Publish their Research at
– Wells Branch on It’s Time to Start the Music, It’s Time to…Make Movies! at
– Teravista on Second Grade Research Project at

Service Learning:
– Brushy Creek on Glog? I thought it was Blog… at
– Old Town on Online Tutorials for Library Workers at

Instructional Tools:
– Purple Sage on Activoting Going Strong at
– Teravista on Miss Allen’s Class is Using Google Docs for an Online Portfolio at
– Forest Creek on Johnson’s Jaguars Moodle! at
– Forest Creek on Bartholomew’s Bats Moodle! at
– Forest Creek on Ginapp’s Fifth Graders Discover Moodle at
– Gattis on 5th Grade Presents with Prezi at
– Fern Bluff on Landforms Webquest at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 1/4/2012)

Item #6 from 12 signs your tech leadership is obsolescent: Your technology program brags about the 5% of the teachers who use technology well instead of the 100% who use it well. Teachers who are early adopters and technology enthusiasts can be found in every district – even those with no technology leadership at all. It’s what’s happening in the other 95% of the district’s classrooms that defines technology leadership.
(Doug Johnson’s 12/19/2011 blog posting, )

Examples such as the ones below demonstrate that technology use in RRISD goes well beyond early adopters and technology enthusiasts. The Instructional Technology Department strives hard to support equity, appropriateness, innovation, and quality of technology’s instructional use for all students and teachers.

– Spicewood on Exploring Elapsed Time in 5th Grade at
– Pond Springs on It’s a Bug’s Life! at
– Robertson on Presenting Science Concepts with PhotoStory at
– Pond Springs on Baby It’s Cold Outside! at
– Forest Creek on Delgado’s Dragons Research Dragonflies at

– Live Oak on Using Excel to Explore Graphs and Charts at
– Forest Creek on Garcia’s Gators Explore Math with Hands On Technology at
– Forest Creek on Peterson’s Leaping Learners Experienced Mechanical Engineering! at

 Research / Reports / Writing Skills
– Union Hill on Kindergartners Write! at
– Caraway on The Grinch at
– Caraway on Elements in Nonfiction at
– Caraway on Word Clouds at
– Purple Sage on Biographies with Vokis at
– Old Town on Fourth Graders Research Explorers at
– Chandler Oaks on 4th Grade Students Study Their Heritage at
– Old Town on Native Americans at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 12/14/2011)

* * * * * * * * * * *
Thanks to technology, teachers are becoming empowered to create their own quality tools to meet the specific needs of their students. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Berkman on “Fantastic Use of a Classroom Website” at
– Caraway on “Using Audio for Instructional Support” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
No matter whether students are creating presentations based on collected research, their own experiences, or their own imagination, classrooms are using technology for access to an increased amount of available information and potential audience for their presentations. Read these recent postings for examples on this topic:
– Wells Branch on “T.A.G. Students and Timelines” at
– Brushy Creek on “5th Graders Can Research” at
– Herrington on “Sharing Information about Animals” at
– Jollyville on “What is Research?” at
– Old Town on “Texas Leaders” at
-Sommer on “Fourth Grade Research” at
– Purple Sage on “Third Grade Research Published through Glogster” at
– Double File on “Graphing in 3rd Grade” at
– Forest Creek on “Canizales’ Cuddly Bears Use Kidspiration to Enforce Addition” at
– Forest Creek on “Mrs. Rodger’s Neighborhood is Thankful” at
– Old Town on “Student Creates Video to Promote School Store” at
– Sommer “First Grade Independent Studies Support” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Although the ideal way to learn how to use technology is while it is being used as a tool to support learning content in a core subject area, there are times when a focus on basic computes skills is appropriate and valuable. Read these recent postings for examples on this topic:
– Callison on “Mrs. Day’s Kindergarten Computer Center!” at
– Gattis on “Laptops in Grade 1” at
– Laurel Mountain on “Kindergarten in the Computer Lab” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Morning Broadcast has become an integral part of the start of each school day at many elementary campuses throughout RRISD. This not only begins the day in an informative and fun way it builds self-esteem and communication skills that will benefit the students throughout their lives. Read this recent posing by one of our campuses:
– Laurel Mountain on “Morning Broadcast” at