Round Rock ISD Next Generation Digital Classroom Pilot

Through the Next Generation Digital Classroom (NGDC) strategic design and implementation, Round Rock ISD intends to create “incubator classrooms” at each school designed to foster the integration of new teaching and learning with the help of mobile/tablet technology. Currently, this means one classroom at all 51 campuses will be a designated Next Generation Classroom. Fifteen district libraries have been selected to be included in this pilot initiative. The next generation classroom will set standards for what the digital classroom can look like in the future and will redefine the way teaching and learning take place. We will investigate the educational impact of a variety of digital classroom designs, across a multitude of diverse environments in order to determine the best investments to be made for maximum effect. Click here to learn more about the Next Generation Classrooms. 

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/24/2012)

Voigt: Graphing Energy
Fifth grade students in Mr. Halsell’s science class created comparative bar graphs from data gathered in a potential/kinetic energy investigation using online graphing tools. Once complete, the students added their graphs to a Powerpoint presentation on potential and kinetic energy.

Berkman: Fifth Grade Video & Music Producers
In their final session of Aspire, fifth grade students explored the world of video and music production. Students worked in small groups to retell or transform scenes from a short story they had read. Their project plan included storyboarding, script writing, role assignment and lastly shooting the video. Students also explored an online music creation program called Soundation Studio which was very easy to use yet complex enough that they felt like they were actually in a real recording studio! This was a great introduction into the world of multimedia!

Old Town: Providing Goods and Services
2nd graders finished up their goods and services unit by interviewing someone and choosing a final project to present their information. This student chose an interview using the broadcast greenscreen and software.


In the Spotlight (Elementary – 5/4/2012)

Sommer Elementary: First Grade Commercials
First Grade students participated in a media literacy unit. As a part of this unit of study, students created a product as if it would be sold in the marketplace. To complete this project students wrote and produced commercials for the products that they invented. These commercials were filmed using the green screen technology and equipment that we have in our broadcast room. They had a blast staging their commercials and choosing the pictures that would be their background.

Callison Elementary: Congratulations, Ms. Schlung!
On Saturday, April 28th, fourth grade teacher Ms. Brianna Schlung had an opportunity to showcase her Promethean skills as eager Texas State students watched. Ms. Schlung was asked to visit with the Texas State students after she was observed by Texas State interns on Callison’s campus.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Deepwood 5th grade students create math reviews. Visit “Geometry Review Apps” at
Fern Bluff 2nd grade students take virtual field trip of the Indianapolis Zoo. Visit “Amazing Amazon Virtual Fieldtrip” at
Deepwood 2nd grade students create presentations on animals. Visit “Voice Thread Presentations in Second Grade” at
Caldwell Heights 4th grade students study science with the help of Jeff Ferris from The Natural Gardener of Austin. Visit the May 1st posting at
Herrington 3rd grade students create Texas Bluebonnet Award book reviews for campus library. Visit “Students Review Books for Library Display” at
Jollyville students conduct electronic surveys. Visit “TAG Students Use Survey Tool to Gather Data about their Classmates” at
Anderson Mill 1st grade students use technology to learn math concepts. Visit “Math Stations” at
Old Town students use Today’s Meet to collaborate and brainstorm. Visit “Today’s Meet” at
Old Town 5th grade students create brochures of Texas facts. Visit “Stating the Facts” at
Sommer 2nd grade students produce videos of Rossini. Visit “Animoto Research Projects” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/25/2012)

Wells Branch: 5th Grade Science- It’s a breath of fresh Oxygen!
In investigating the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle to understand its significance to our survival, 5th grade students conducted a lab to look for evidence of photosynthesis. Students had to put on serious scientist thinking, as they looked for oxygen bubbles in test tubes with water plants, and then used an acid indicator that changes color to prove that photosynthesis had occurred. Students video recorded all their work and thinking. They will be spending the next few weeks editing and creating a final product that will explain what they learned.

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Robertson 2nd grade students research and create reports on animals. Visit the April 19, 2012 posting of “PebbleGo–A Rich Research Resource for Young Readers” at
Callison 2nd grade students take a virtual field trip. Visit “Virtual Field Trip!” at
Old Town 2nd grade students research and create timelines of life events of historical characters. Visit “Second Grade Time Lines are in Order” at
Cactus Ranch 3rd grade students use SMART Interactive tools in Music class. Visit “SMART Music” at
Wells Branch 3rd grade students blend webquests, real-life, math, and science. Visit “3rd Grade Webquesting!” at
Wells Branch 4th grade students use a webcam to stream and record live video of a caterpillar’s lifecycle. Visit
Wells Branch 5th grade students use webcam and video conferencing tool to have fun learning science. Visit “5th Graders Hanging Out…Google Style!” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/16/2012)

Jollyville 4th Grade Students Create Voki’s of Characters from Books of Elsewhere.
After reading the second book in the series The Books of Elsewhere, students created a Voki for their final project. Visit “Books of Elsewhere – Presented by Voki” at

More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
Berkman 2nd grade students use Web 2.0 tools to publish and share their research. Visit “Sharing Research with the World” at
Caldwell Heights 2nd grade students express their love of math in song and video. Visit the April 4, 2012 posting on “Getting I.T. Right at CHES” at
Gattis 2nd grade students create stories online. Visit “Create a Story Online” at
Union Hill 3rd grade students use technology to write reports on animals. Visit “3rd Graders Publish Animal Research” at
Double File 5th grade students enhance their science skills and knowledge using technology. Visit “5th Grade on StemScopes” at
Jollyville 5th grade students share their math skills. Visit “Student Centered Math” at
Brushy Creek students take a virtual field trip as a follow-up to reading the book Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum. Visit “Virtual Field Trip” at
Cactus Ranch students participate in the Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Taking Technology into Battle” at
Chandler Oaks students write digital stories to increase their Spanish vocabulary. Visit “Students Take Their Spanish Skills Up a Notch!” at

Family Literacy Night at Blackland Prairie
Visit Family Literacy Night at

Cactus Ranch 2nd Grade Student Presentation Wins an Award.
2nd grade student Colin P was awarded 1st place in the annual RRISD Black History Month Essay Contest. Colin submitted his presentation about Harriet Tubman for the contest. He says that he first became interested about Harriet Tubman after studying about her in 1st grade. Click on the image above to view Colin’s presentation. Way to go Colin!


In the Spotlight (Elementary – 1/20/2012)

RRISD classrooms throughout the district serve as evidence of support for this statement by Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia: “Effective technology combined with great teachers and engaged students have the potential to transform the world of learning. The time has come to ensure that every child has access to the engaging experience that comes with powerful teaching and rigorous content available through digital learning.”

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In the Spotlight (Elementary – 12/07/2011)

* * * * * * * * * * *
An interactive classroom is one in which the students become immersed in a learning experience that can hold student attention, enrich learning, maximize instructional time, encourage active participation, provide a means for instant feedback on student understanding of what is being taught, and facilitate ongoing two-way communication between student and teacher.
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Read this recent posting for an example of an Interactive Lesson focusing on Art:
– Blackland on “Grade 4 Art Project” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Bringing Experts in the Field into the classroom is among the best uses of technology to help enrich the students’ educational experience. Read this recent postings by on of our campuses:
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In the Spotlight (Secondary – 12/05/2011)

Students are introduced to specialized software to create web pages, interact with music, and to create art work. Students get hands on experience using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, and Smart Music software. Click on the links below to see their work.
Stony Point High School “Web Design Students Create Efficient CSS Pages”
Cedar Ridge High School “Adobe Illustrator with Wacom Tablets”
Cedar Valley Middle School “Sing and Make Music”

Students get creative as they re-create book covers. Some students created new book covers for stories they have read while others participated in the contest to create the cover for the district course catalog. Click on the links below to see their work.
Chisholm Trail Middle School “Ms. Sisolak’s 7th Grade Language Arts – Outsiders”
Westwood High School “Westwood High School Student Wins the District’s Course Catalog Contest”

C.D. Fulkes Middle School is utilizing software to personalize instruction in math for students. Students are able to manipulate the software as they work through mathematical concepts and procedures. Click the link to watch a short video of students utilizing the software.
C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Compass Learning”


Caraway Elementary Students Take Advantage of Interactive Tools in Music Class

Mrs. Padilla’s 4th and 5th grade music classes have been using the SMART board in their “Karate Recorder” unit. Students identify notes and they magically disappear when tapped so that eventually they play the entire song from memory.

The SMART board has also been utilized for Music in all other grade levels:
*Form and analysis of new songs
*Dragging cloned rhythms over to make patterns from dictation
*Placing notes on the staff
*Visual representations (ex. contour of a melody)
*Games like Tic Tac Toe -Depending on where they place their “x” or “o”, the box behind it is linked to a different page and they read the new rhythm/pitch in addition to known elements. Lots of practice with lots of fun!


Integrating Technology into Jazz and Ballet at Westwood High School


Students in Ballet 3-4 and Jazz 2 took a lesson in dance history and brought it to life for their classmates in 3D. They chose parts from a famous pas de deux, variation or Broadway show and, using the internet, learned the dance to the best of their ability. On the presentation day, dancers performed their piece with the video of the dance projected on a screen behind them. Ballet/Broadway in 3D!! Audience members were able to watch to see the way students matched or made interpretations/modifications on the choregraphy, as well as view a bit of live performance mixed with technology! Students also had to research the history of the dance, choreographer, composer, and dancers and edit it into a program to give to the audience.