In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/2/2012)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

– Voigt kindergarten students use Kidspiration for science study. Visit “Living or Nonliving” at
– Robertson kindergarten students use Discovery Education Streaming videos to enhance learning. Visit “March 22, 2012: Discovery Education Streaming Introduces Science Topics” at

– Forest North 1st grade students create a collaborative video to publish research findings. Visit “1st Grade Writing Turned Video” at
– Teravista 1st grade students become media literate and wise consumers of information. Visit “Media Literacy” at

– Sommer 2nd grade students create book report videos. Visit “2nd Grade is making movies!” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students study the water cycle. Visit “Illustrating the Water Cycle” at

– Canyon Creek 3rd grade students use technology to study animal adaptation. Visit “Keeping Warm with Animal Adaptations” at

– Old Town 4th grade students publish products from their week long writing camp. Visit “Final Publishing During Camp Write-a-Lot” at

– Old Town 5th grade students study career choices and budget planning. Visit “Fiscal Fifth Graders” at
– Spicewood 5th grade students use response devices to collect and analyze data. Visit “5th Grade Uses Audience Response Devices to Analyze Research” at

– Brushy Creek and Teravista students participate in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Tweetle Beetle Puddle Paddle Battle” at and “Teravista Students Use Turning Point for the Battle of the Bluebonnet” at
– Fern Bluff students use response devices as they work toward maintaining their Math Pentathlon State Champions status. Visit “Back by popular demand…” at
– Forest North students go online with campus newspaper. Visit “Campus News Paper Goes Digital” at
– Great Oaks students submit contest entry for Doodle for Google artwork. Visit “Congratulations to the Doodle for Google Finalists” at

– Spicewood teachers use online video tutorials to reinforce learning. Visit “Spicewood Teachers Use Kahn Academy to Support Diverse Learners” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 3/28/2012)

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein

– Forest Creek kindergarten students become critical consumers of information and wise shoppers. Visit “Sanders’ Bugs Advertise!” at
– Great Oaks kindergarten students use robotics to become engineers. Visit “What??? Kindergarten Robotics???” at

– Berkman 1st grade students use a webcam in order to have anytime, anywhere, real time observation of their classroom science lesson. Visit “The Eggs Have Arrived & They Have Their Own Channel” at
– Forest Creek 1st grade students enhance their writing skills. Visit “Delgado’s Dragons Publish” at
– Gattis 1st grade students use Skype to take a virtual trip to Canada. Visit “Skype to Saskatchewan, Canada” at

– Berkman 2nd grade students use blogs as a communication tool and to post what they find during research. Visit “Students Begin Blogging” at and “Enrichment Through Technology” at
– Great Oaks 2nd grade students combine writing and robotics. Visit “Absolutely Adorable Lego WeDo Projects” at
– Great Oaks 2nd grade students create a Claymation video as part of a service learning project on conserving natural resources. Visit “Joy’s Joys Amazing Claymation Project” at
– Old Town 2nd grade students use Kidspiration to study the food chain. Visit “What do second graders eat?” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students study media literacy and communicate using blogs. Visit “Students Begin Blogging” at
– Voigt 2nd grade students use spreadsheets to record and graph collected weather data. Visit “What’s the Weather Like?” at

– Brushy Creek 3rd grade students create and edit classroom videos of themselves and their school to share with students in another state. Visit “Third Grade MovieMakers” at
– Anderson Mill 3rd grade students use interactive technology to expand their math skills. Visit “Fractions” at
– Voigt 3rd grade students learn about Internet Safety. Visit “Internet Safety Lesson with Little Red” at

– Caraway 4th grade students combine physical activity and technology to graph data and develop deeper math skills. Visit “How High Can We Jump?” at

– Deepwood 5th grade students experience architectural design. Visit “Google SketchUp” at
– Fern Bluff 5th grade students use technology to create videos of their poetry projects. Visit “Poetry Videos using Animoto”
– Jollyville 5th grade students talk about their efforts to prepare for the upcoming RRISD Robotics Showcase. Visit “Robotics Special Projects” at

– Double File students use technology to document their reading comprehension and personal reading goals. Visit “Accelerated Reader” at
– Live Oak students use online resources as part of their Famous Americans research. Visit “Who am I?” at
– Ponds Springs students use response devices to participate in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Battle with TurningPoint” at
– Purple Sage students take second place in Battle of the Bluebonnets. Visit “Purple Sage takes 2nd Place in the Bluebonnets. at
– Pond Springs students use Google Docs to participate in a survey to select their enrichment class choices. Visit “Fridays are Sweeter with Google Docs” at
– Voigt students enrich their learning using technology. Visit “Enrichment Through Technology” at

– Voigt teachers use Wikispaces to collaborate and plan technology integration. Visit “Technology Workshops” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 2/3/2012)

Teachers all across Round Rock ISD leverage the excitement of learning with technology to raise the level of engagement throughout all learning and activities in the classroom.
“If we teach as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey

– Blackland Prairie on Remember How to Cut Paper Snowflakes at
– Forest Creek on Mrs. Teeler’s Class Go Digital in Class at
– Forest Creek on Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten Navigates Netbooks at
– Forest Creek on Whitfield’s Munchkins Compose in Word at
– Teravista on Kindergarten at

1st Grade
– Teravista on First Grade Technology-January at

2nd Grade
– Voigt on 2nd Grade Research at
– Spicewood on 2nd Grade Podcasts Their Poetry at
– Double File on Poetry at

3rd Grade
– Teravista on Me on the Map at
– Gattis on 3rd Grade Letters at

4th Grade
– Teravista on 4th Grade Language Arts at
– Teravista on Fourth Grade Technology at
– Chandler Oaks on 4th Grade Students Create Book Trailers at

5th Grade
– Teravista on 5th Grade-Researching Climate and Weather at
– Teravista on Science Fair Research at
– Deepwood on Deep Wood Online Newspaper at
– Double File Trail on Alternative Energy Project at

– Teravista on Technology used in art room at
– Spicewood on Art Kicks Off Claymation Movie Shorts with 5th Grade at

Physical Education
– Gattis on Fuel Up Video on Broadcast at

– Old Town on Venn Diagrams in the Library at
– Voigt on Let’s Make A Timeline at

Enrichment and Multi-Grade
– Teravista on Using technology during social skills at
– Teravista on Achieve at
– Teravista on TAG Math Technology Update at
– Spicewood on Where We Are in Time and Place at

Community Involvement and Service Learning
– Old Town on Pasta for Pennies at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 1/27/2012)

Technology is helping Round Rock ISD and its parents address the needs and learning styles of today’s student who is a “ new kind of learner, one that is self-directed, better equipped to capture information, more reliant on feedback from peers, more inclined to collaborate, and more oriented toward being their own ‘nodes of production.’ ” (Pew Research Center,

Parent and Community Activities:
– Callison on Callison’s Wake Up Wednesday “Get Wired!” at

Student Career Aspirations:
– Caraway on Career Aspiration, an ISP at

– Callison on Callison’s Junior Lego Team competes! at

Early Morning Enrichment:
– Wells Branch on Breakfast Club Gives 5th Graders Extra Access to Technology! at

– Wells Branch on 5th Grade… ENERGIZED!!! at

– Old Town on Kinder Counts! at

Living Museums:
– Teravista on Second Grade Research Project at

Instructional Tools:
– Fern Bluff on Slate Usage at
– Purple Sage on Surveying Students using Google Docs at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 1/4/2012)

Item #6 from 12 signs your tech leadership is obsolescent: Your technology program brags about the 5% of the teachers who use technology well instead of the 100% who use it well. Teachers who are early adopters and technology enthusiasts can be found in every district – even those with no technology leadership at all. It’s what’s happening in the other 95% of the district’s classrooms that defines technology leadership.
(Doug Johnson’s 12/19/2011 blog posting, )

Examples such as the ones below demonstrate that technology use in RRISD goes well beyond early adopters and technology enthusiasts. The Instructional Technology Department strives hard to support equity, appropriateness, innovation, and quality of technology’s instructional use for all students and teachers.

– Spicewood on Exploring Elapsed Time in 5th Grade at
– Pond Springs on It’s a Bug’s Life! at
– Robertson on Presenting Science Concepts with PhotoStory at
– Pond Springs on Baby It’s Cold Outside! at
– Forest Creek on Delgado’s Dragons Research Dragonflies at

– Live Oak on Using Excel to Explore Graphs and Charts at
– Forest Creek on Garcia’s Gators Explore Math with Hands On Technology at
– Forest Creek on Peterson’s Leaping Learners Experienced Mechanical Engineering! at

 Research / Reports / Writing Skills
– Union Hill on Kindergartners Write! at
– Caraway on The Grinch at
– Caraway on Elements in Nonfiction at
– Caraway on Word Clouds at
– Purple Sage on Biographies with Vokis at
– Old Town on Fourth Graders Research Explorers at
– Chandler Oaks on 4th Grade Students Study Their Heritage at
– Old Town on Native Americans at

In the Spotlight (Elementary – 11/21/2011)

* * * * * * * * * *
Today’s students are not just consumers of the media around them; they are participants and producers of that media. Read these recent posting by some of our campuses:
– Chandler Oaks on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Why do We Learn Spanish?” at
– Pond Springs on “Broadcast Students Create Fantastic Science Night Ads!” at
– Voigt on “Spotlight on Writing Wall” at
– Teravista on “Librarian Uses Student Book Trailers for Bluebonnet Advertisements” at
– Laurel Mountain on “Lights! Camera! Action! Movie-Makers!” at
– Laurel Mountain on “Claymation” at
– Chandler Oaks on “Techno Art Club is Making Movies!” at
– Caldwell Heights on “Flip Video Cameras November 8, 2011” at
– Great Oaks on “Veteran’s Day Animoto” at
– Great Oaks on “Great Slideshow and Blog by KVO” at

* * * * * * * * * *
No time? No budget? No means to take the students out for an on-site field trip? No problem! Virtual Field Trips can make it possible for students to gain that rich experience and almost feel like they are really there. Read this recent posting:
– Old Town on “The First Thanksgiving for First Graders” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Bringing Experts in the Field into the classroom is among the best uses of technology to help enrich the students’ educational experience. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Chandler Oaks on “Skyping with the Author of Origami Yoda” at
– Jollyville on ” Update: Jollyville Skypes with Author Tom Angleberger” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Robotics has earned a place as an educational and life-skills building tool in the culture and hearts of many elementary campuses throughout the district. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Berkman on “Robots Rule” at
– Callison on “Callison Teams compete in FLL Tournament!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
There is still a need to provide opportunities for acquiring basic technology skills.
– Robertson on “Kindergarten Mouses Around” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Teachers across the district are using technology to provide their students with a deeper and richer learning experience in Science. Read these recent posting:
– Cactus Ranch on “3rd Grade Students Discover Simple Machines” at
– Caldwell Heights on “LoggerLites November 15, 2011” at
– Double File Trail on “Science Fair on the Web” at
– Forest Creek on “Bartholomew’s Bats Explore Science Through StemScopes” at
– Pond Springs on “Pond Springs teachers use technology to explore butterfly life cycles” at

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 11/14/2011)

Many of our campuses provide students with real life, hands on learning while working with engineering and computer aided design (CAD) software to solve problems. Students are learning to manipulate and utilize software programs such as Inventor, CAD, and the Fischer Factory. Click on the links below to see how the campuses are using these programs to create engaging learning environments.
C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Coordinate Geometry Using Inventor”
Cedar Ridge High School “Computer Aided Design”
McNeil High School “The Fischer Factory”

Robotics is alive and well at many of our campuses. Robotics provides students an interactive way to apply knowledge and skills they learn in all of their other classes. Many of our campuses compete in First Lego League competitions across the central Texas area and have been recognized for their outstanding achievement. Click on the links below to see how campuses are integrating robotics.
Ridgeview Middle School “SumoBots”
Round Rock High School “Capitol Area BEST Robotics Competition”
Deerpark Middle School “Engineering, Robotics, and Food”


In the Spotlight (Elementary-11/10/2011)

* * * * * * * * * * *
During a recent activity, students at Caraway Elementary experienced a real world instructional environment for “learning economic and financial concepts they’ll use for the rest of their lives”. Read their recent posting:
– Caraway on “The Stock Market Game” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Among the many afterschool programs and clubs is Blackland Prairie Elementary’s Photography Club. To read their recent posting visit:
– Blackland on “Lights! Action! Cameras!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Robotics has earned a place as an educational and life-skills building tool in the culture and hearts of many elementary campuses throughout the district. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Laurel Mountain on “Lego NXT” at
– Callison on “Teacher receives LEGO grant!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Moodle is a web based Learning Management System that allows the classroom to be extended to the students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students use Moodle to access and submit assignments, take quizzes and tests, and collaborate with their classmates and teachers. It has been a huge success throughout the high schools and on many of the district’s middle schools. It is now beginning to be embraced by elementary teachers across the district. Click on the following links to read how Moodle is being implemented at two elementary classrooms on two different campuses.
– Wells Branch on “5th Grade Students are Getting Online with Moodle!” at
– Forest Creek on “Alvarez’s Fifth Grade Students Moodle” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
STEMscopes, an online K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics curriculum program that helps “teachers instruct students in the fundamental science skills and concepts using meaningful, engaging, motivational, and relevant science activities.” Read these recent postings on the use of this tool by:
– Blackland on “Fourth Graders Explore States of Matter via STEMScopes” at
– Teravista on “First Graders Using Stemscopes” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Bringing Experts in the Field into the classroom is among the best uses of technology to help enrich the students’ educational experience. Read this recent postings by one of our campuses:
– Spicewood on “Author Tom Angleberger Visits Spicewood via Skype!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Interactive Technology is a great tool to involve students and hold their interests during instruction and to assess student understanding before/during/after instruction. Because the students have the opportunity to interact they become active participants in the instructional process and not just spectators. Read these recent postings on the use of this tool by:
– Old Town on “Daily Editing” at
– Old Town on “Kindergarten Testers” at
– Old Town on “Document Camera Seal of Approval” at
– Brushy Creek on “2nd Grade SMART Slates + Patterns” at
– Teravista on “PE Using Online Health Quizes in Class” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Read these recent postings on how some of our elementary classrooms are combining various presentation techniques and tools to help students acquire effective verbal and written communication skills.
– Forest Creek on “Kaynes’ Kinkajous create Photostories” at
– Spicewood on “Important Public Service Announcements from 2nd Grade” at
– Deepwood on “DWES TAG Students create LiveBinders” at
– Deepwood on “Fifth Graders Design Divisibility Prezis” at
– Teravista on “First Grade and Third Grade Teacher Team Up to Work on Poetry Project” at
– Chandler Oaks on “Ms. Herold’s Class Uses Kidspiration” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Having experience with and a strong understanding of the Research Process will benefit students throughout their school years and beyond. Involving technology to streamline and enhance the steps of research, compilation of data, analyzing data, organizing data, and publishing findings can lead to a deeper understanding and knowledge gained of not only the subject being studied but the process as well. Read these recent postings on this topic by three of our campuses:
– Double File on “2nd Grade Classes learn to Research Online” at
– Blackland on “Going Batty in Second Grade!” at
– Spicewood on “1st Grade Explores Life Cycles Using LIVE Webcams and Records Data using Google Docs!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Teachers at every grade level strive to make sure that the required state standards for Technology Applications are being addressed. Kindergarten is no exception. Read these recent postings by two campuses:
– Teravista on “Kinder is Rocking it!” at
– Jollyville on “Kinder Comes to the Lab” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Teachers at every campus are raising the bar for communicating and collaborating with peers, students, parents, and community. Read these recent postings by three of our campuses on their efforts to utilize the power of technology to share, learn, and inform:
– Live Oak on “Live Oak’s Web Site Gets a New Look!” at
– Teravista on “Second Grade is Planning on a Wiki” at
– Teravista on “Third Grade Keeping Websites Up-To-Date for Communication” at

In the Spotlight (Elementary-10/20/2011)

* * * * * * * * * * *
Morning Broadcast has become an integral part of the start of each school day at many elementary campuses throughout RRISD. This not only begins the day in an informative and fun way it builds self-esteem and communication skills that will benefit the students throughout their lives. Read this recent posing by one of those campuses:
– Deepwood Elementary’s morning broadcast “Lights, Camera, Action” posting at:

* * * * * * * * * * *
By being discriminating consumers and guides of educationally sound Online Resources, teachers across the district are making an impact on the acquisition and reinforcement of student problem solving abilities and knowledge of basic skills. Read these recent postings by three of our campuses:
– Caldwell Heights on “Mangahigh for Math” at
– Wells Branch on “ Training is Happening Now!” at
– Bluebonnet on” Technology and Subject Area Integration” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
The direct and indirect benefits students gain through a sound education in Science throughout their educational experience cannot be overstated. As part of their efforts to increasingly step-up the level at which they meet that responsibility, schools in RRISD are using technology as one of their tools to provide meaningful hands-on,
problem-solving, investigative, and real-world activities. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Backland Prairie on “Life and Works of Nikolas Tesla” at
– Pond Springs on “Teachers Use Technology to Explore Butterfly Life Cycles” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
The use of technology is emphasized in the PYP/IB (international Baccalaureate) program’s Units of Inquiry. Read these recent postings by two of our authorized PYP/IB campuses:
– Spicewood on “Students Use Tagxedo to Complete a Shared Assessment” at
– Chandler Oaks on “Second Grade Begins their ‘Who We Are’ unit – with Animoto!” at

* * * * * * * * * * *
Robotics has earned a place as an educational and life-skills building tool in the culture and hearts of many elementary campuses throughout the district. Read these recent postings by two of our campuses:
– Spicewood on “Robotics Club for 5th Grade Students” at
– Deep Wood on “Robotics” at

Project Gateway Underway at Hernandez Middle School

Mr. Scott Smith’s Gateway to Technology class is exploring Engineering. Students are learning about careers in Engineering and what engineers do. Students have been researching answers to questions about the engineering field. Students will explore design and modeling and robotics throughout the year. The class is open to 7th grade students for the 2011-2012 school year. Students are able to obtain 1/2 High School credit for each year of Project Gateway they take in Middle School.