In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/23/2012)

Teachers need to stop saying, “Hand it in,” and start saying “Publish It.”- Alan November
Digital Media enables us to build more stages for our kids to express themselves. – Marco Torres
Round Rock ISD teachers provide students many stages to publish their work.
– C.D.Fulkes Middle School Publisher – Family Recipes

– Deerpark Middle School “How To” videos

– Walsh Middle School Geometry Review videos

– Stony Point High School Gifted and Talented video

– Hopewell Middle School Anti-bullying comic strip

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/9/2012)

Stony Point High School students create the school’s first Android Application which gives students and staff quick access to school information. Click the link below to read more about the app.

Campuses use a variety of methods to communicate with all stakeholders. Some of the methods include QR Codes, videos, digital newspapers, and Twitter.
Cedar Valley Middle School “Skills for Life”

Deerpark Middle School
“Communicating Through Art”
“QR Codes”

Canyon Vista Middle School “Technology Applications
Students at Canyon Vista Middle School in the Mustang Discovery class are educated in Cybersmarts, Cyberbullying Awareness, Web Browsing Basics, Computer Fundamentals, Keyboarding Instruction, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Introduction to Multimedia Applications. Click the link to read more about the program.

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/3/2012)

Teachers are implementing online tools to help check for understanding. Using tools such as Poll Everywhere, teachers are able to check for understanding on topics recently covered in class. Students can respond using either their own devices or district provided laptops or netbooks. Click the links below to see Poll Everywhere in action.
Hopewell Middle School “Poll Everywhere”
Round Rock High School “RRHS Students use Poll Everywhere”

Students have many different ways to present their learning and knowledge about topics they study. Students use Prezis, Animotos, videos, brochures, and digital posters. Click the links below to see great examples of student work.

Deerpark Middle School
Social Studies:

Grisham Middle School

Hernandez Middle School
Multi-Media Classes:
Spanish Class:

Hopewell Middle School

Ridgeview Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/11/texas-ecoregions-project.html
World Cultures:!/2011/09/world-cultures-brochures.html

Walsh Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/10/celebrating-freedom-week.html

Cedar Ridge High School
 Business Education:


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 12/12/2011)

Students are integrating data collection devices in their science classes as they perform experiments. Using Vernier LabQuest data collection technology, students can gather, graph, and analyze data.
Click on the links below to see the devices in action.
C.D.Fulkes Middle School “Vernier Probes in Science”
Hopewell Middle School “Vernier LabQuest”

Students rely on technology to gather research. Unlike previous generations who only had access to books and other hard printed media, today’s students have the whole world at the fingertips via the Internet. While this global access is wonderful to have, it presents new challenges for today’s students who have to learn to sift through this overload of information and find credible resources in a timely manner.
Cedar Ridge High School “Learning How to Research”
Stony Point High School “Health students produce research based presentations Cancer Awareness Month”

Students have been learning about bullying and have created public service announcements on what to do if you are being bullied. Check out the videos by clicking on the link below.
Hernandez Middle School “ASPIRE Students Create Videos on Bullying”

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 12/05/2011)

Students are introduced to specialized software to create web pages, interact with music, and to create art work. Students get hands on experience using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, and Smart Music software. Click on the links below to see their work.
Stony Point High School “Web Design Students Create Efficient CSS Pages”
Cedar Ridge High School “Adobe Illustrator with Wacom Tablets”
Cedar Valley Middle School “Sing and Make Music”

Students get creative as they re-create book covers. Some students created new book covers for stories they have read while others participated in the contest to create the cover for the district course catalog. Click on the links below to see their work.
Chisholm Trail Middle School “Ms. Sisolak’s 7th Grade Language Arts – Outsiders”
Westwood High School “Westwood High School Student Wins the District’s Course Catalog Contest”

C.D. Fulkes Middle School is utilizing software to personalize instruction in math for students. Students are able to manipulate the software as they work through mathematical concepts and procedures. Click the link to watch a short video of students utilizing the software.
C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Compass Learning”


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 11/28/2011)

Students are involved in creating and broadcasting school announcements and selecting the music that plays during passing periods. Allowing students to participate in these activities gives them a feeling of ownership and pride in their school. Click on the links below to see examples of student expression.
Round Rock High School “Round Rock HS Morning Announcements”
Cedar Ridge High School “Customized School Bells/Music Using Audacity”

Deerpark Middle School’s book club recently met with four other book clubs across three different time zones to discuss the book The Hunger Games. The clubs set up a video conference using Google Hangouts where multiple groups can conference in one location. The Deerpark students did an excellent job representing Round Rock ISD. Click the link to learn more about the Hangout.
Deerpark Middle School “Hungry for Hangouts”

The Round Rock High School newspaper, The Spitfire, has transitioned to a completely digital publication. To check out news about the school and the community or to give input on stories you’d like to see check out the website: You can also like the RRHS Spitfire Facebook page and follow the twitter page, @RRHS_Spitfire
Round Rock High School “Spitfire Goes Digital”

Students Utilize Inspiration Software at Hernandez Middle School

Seventh grade Language Arts students in Mr. Trevino’s class recently spent time in the computer lab using Inspiration software. Inspiration software was recently installed in both computer labs at Hernandez Middle School. Students created diagrams to identify literary devices in a text.

Inspiration software allows students to create Venn Diagrams, outline, write and make presentations. The software allows students to map their thoughts, organize them and present them. The software is available in two computer labs at Hernandez Middle School. More examples of student work can be found here.Inspiration

Students Use Fakebook at Grisham Middle School

Eighth grade ELA students used a fun, new classroom tool called Fakebook to create social networking pages for literary characters. This tool allowed them to create a profile, add friends, then post and comment from different viewpoints.  Students really enjoyed bringing their book characters into the 21st century! Click here to see examples of their Fakebook pages!

Students Create How To Videos at Grisham Middle School

commomcraftMiss Mack & Mrs. Levine’s 8th grade ELA classes completed their procedural writing unit by creating how to videos inspired by the “In Plain English” Common Craft series. After choosing and researching a topic, students used HD flip cameras to record their how tos and then used Windows movie maker and audacity to complete their videos. You can see the full videos at