Stony Point Astronomy Students speak with NASA physicist

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 3/24/15

Stony Point High School astronomy students had the opportunity to video conference with NASA contractor and physicist Matt Walsh and learn about current projects in space on March 12. Walsh is working on a team assembling the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be a supplement to the Hubble Space Telescope, scheduled to launch in… (Read More)

stony point astro

Ninth Grade Students at McNeil High School and Round Rock High School to Receive Laptops

In January, as part of the High School Laptop Initiative Pilot, Ninth grade studentsat McNeil High School and Round Rock High School will be receiving Dell laptops. The laptops will allow teachers and students to work and learn using 21st century skills and tools. Along with the laptops, students will get a Google Apps for Education account which will allow for easier collaboration and sharing between students and their peers and teachers. Integrating the laptops into the classroom, along with the use of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle or Edmodo, provides a blended learning environment that is accessible 24/7.

Students will be encouraged to use EverNote as an organizational tool for taking notes and tracking assignments. Other web 2.0 tools that students will have the option of using are LiveMocha (online language learning), (originality check), Khan Academy (math videos), eBooks and online textbooks.

More information about the High School Laptop Initiative can be found at:

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Be sure to click on your school in the side bar to see examples of how laptops,
as well as other technology, are being integrated into the curriculum.
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Document Cameras in the Classroom

PreK through 12th grade teachers are discovering not only the instructional power, but the ease and flexibility of the document camera. It is capable of projecting, magnifying, and recording easily seen images and video of books, objects, documents, maps, drawings, activities, experiments, people, animals, etc. This tool is quickly becoming a favorite of teachers, individual students, and groups of students during lessons, demonstrations, and presentations:
– monitoring eggs hatching, butterflies emerging, plants growing, etc.
– graphic organizers
– modeling math and writing/editing
– math manipulatives
– art work
– science experiments and dissections
– student work
– show and tell
– “Big Book” reading and activities
– calculators
– timers
– note taking
– (the list can be endless)

All of this can be captured through video so that it can be reviewed later, for providing it to absent students, or providing a tool to help parents to support their children at home.

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Be sure to click on your school in the side bar to see examples of how this,
as well as other, technology is being integrated into the curriculum.
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In the Spotlight (Secondary – 5/16/2012)

“We need to replicate in the classroom, the world in which students are living.”
– unknown


C.D. Fulkes Middle School

Stop Bullying – Discovery classes produce videos to address the problems with bullying and cyberbulling.


Inventor in Gateway – Gateway students using Inventor to design and build race cars that are propelled by compressed air.


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 5/1/2012)

Cedar Valley Middle School “QR-azy for QRs”
CeVMS has gone a little QR-azy for QR Codes! They are popping up all over the hallways, in emails, in the cafeteria, and even in the Library. 


Cedar Valley Middle School “Ms. Lake’s Class is SMART”
Ms. Lake has incorporated the use of a SMART board in her FAC class this semester. The students look forward to getting up and interacting with the board daily.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “8th Grade Moodles”
Students in 8th grade science classes are using Moodle calculate speed, velocity, and acceleration.

Grisham Middle School “Is this a Hoax?”
Students in our 8th grade Language Arts classes have been working on a research unit. One aspect of that unit is web site evaluation. Students were given the 5 W’s of web site evaluation.

Ridgeview Middle School “Virtual Microscopes in 6th Grade Science”
Mr. Hardesty is introducing microscope skills to his sixth grade science students with the help of a virtual microscope.

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 4/24/2012)

When students do work and know that it is going to be published on the internet for everyone to see, they make sure it is good. When they do work to turn in for a grade, they make sure it is good enough.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “8th Grade History/ Civil War”
Mr. Delacruz and Mrs. Ufomata used their Activ Panels to demonstrate significant individuals of the Civil War.

Chisholm Trail Middle School “Class Elections”
Here is a great use of Vimeo in Ms. Green’s 7th LA class.

Deerpark Middle School “Socrative and Mobile devices”
Ms. Cameron’s 6th Grade ELA classes recently read Iqbal by Francesco D’Adamo, and she wanted to provide an interactive review for students before she gave her test on the book. Ms. Cameron set up a series of multiple choice and short answer quizzes in a free Web 2.0 tool called Socrative.

Hernandez “Parent Involvement Night Highlights Math Technology”
Hernandez Parent Night in April focused on the Math STAAR state assessment and Math teachers at Hernandez Middle School showcased the technology used to teach math concepts to students and prepare them for the new STAAR test.

Hopewell Middle School “Skype”
Texas History students in Mr. Nugent and Robertson’s classes participated in a project that used the web-based application SKYPE.

Ridgeview Middle School “BYO and Prezis”
BYO comes to science.
In Mrs. Gibson’s 7th Grade Science classes the students were needing to use timers to complete the lab assignment.

Mrs. Klaus’ Leadership Classes were asked to present on several topic this spring including great Leaders and tips to help students be more successful.


Cedar Ridge High School “”
Many of our teachers and students are now using to facilitate the grading of student work.


Westwood High School “Language labs and Yearbook”
Language Labs
We’re using the language lab to prepare teachers for the AP exams to do simulated conversations and to do presentational speaking practice. It’s really good for paired activities.

Journalism creates yearbook.


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 3/20/2012)

“The need to know the capital of Florida died when my phone learned the answer. Rather, the students of tomorrow need to be able to think creatively: they will need to learn on their own, adapt to new challenges and innovate on-the-fly.” Anthony Chivetta, high school student in Missouri 

Cedar Valley Middle School “Erasing the R Word”
Public Service Announcement

Cedar Valley Middle School “This is how you do it”
Students create How To’s

Grisham middle School “Hero’s Journey”
Students integrate Moodle to collaborate online as they write myths or folktales.

Hernandez middle School “Technology Helps Students Prepare for STAAR Writing”
Students use an online resource to help them with their writing.

Hopewell Middle School “Movie Maker in Science”

Ridgeview Middle School “Stop Action Animation!/2012/03/stop-action-animation.html


Stony Point High School students talk technology at SXSW.

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 2/28/2012)

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”
Jean Piaget

Schools implementing QR codes!

Deerpark Middle School

Ridgeview Middle School!/2012/02/qr-codes-hit-library.html


Hopewell Middle School

Chisholm Trail Middle School

Career Development:

CD Fulkes Middle School

Cedar Ridge High School

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 2/13/2012)

“This is just the beginning of incorporating technology in the classroom,” Groff said. “This is something each teacher can do on their own. It’s about getting technology in students’ hands since teachers are using it anyway. All the research we have seen shows students want to have engaged and relevant learning in the classroom.”

Matt Groff, Principal of Cedar Valley Middle School, as quoted in the Round Rock Leader

Middle School

– Cedar Valley Middle School “Leading the Way in STEM”

– Chisholm Trail Middle School “Tag Students Use Edmodo”

– Deerpark Middle School “Mr. Teal’s Math Classes Take on Moodle”

– Cedar Valley Middle School is highlighted in the Round Rock Leader

High School

– Cedar Ridge High School “Theatre Students Use 3M Shoot and Share”

– Cedar Ridge High School “Student Videos Explain Protein Synthesis and Natural Selection”

– Stony Point High School “IB Student Creates Gifted and Talented Video”

– Round Rock High School “Engineering Students Visit Samsung”

Digital Learning Day (February 1, 2012)

Several Round Rock campuses participated in activities to celebrate National Digital Learning Day. Digital Learning Day is a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a rich, personalized educational experience. Below are a few examples of how some of our campuses participated.

“It’s about getting technology in students’ hands since teachers are using it anyway. All the research we have seen shows students want to have engaged and relevant learning in the classroom.” Matt Groff

Cedar Valley Middle School:
Matt Groff, principal of Cedar Valley encouraged his staff to participate in the Digital Learning Day. Some of the activities the teachers and students participated in were:
-Poll Anywhere
-Khan Academy
-QR Codes
-Screen Castomatic

Round Rock Leader article hightlighting Principal Matt Groff campus leadership with technology

Laurel Mountain Elementary:
Laurel Mountain participated in a Skyping activity with Tom Angleberger, author of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Horton Halfpott.

Hernandez Middle School:
Eighth graders learned about blogging and digital citizenship through a New York Times website. Teachers used Moodle, an online learning management system, as the vehicle to present the information and for students to complete the assignment.

Caldwell Heights Elementary:
Physical Education teachers at Caldwell signed up for Digital Learning Day. These teachers shared their teaching strategies with others by filming a game that the students were playing and then uploading it to the collaborative online site, PE Universe.

Gattis Elementary and Double File Trail Elementary:
Angie Hintz, the instructional technology specialist at these campuses, used the Digital Learning Day as a way to get teachers thinking about technology by sending the teachers QR codes. When teachers opened the QR code, they were instructed to send an email back to Angie letting her know that they were hip to QR. You can visit her blog to learn more about QR Codes.