In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/30/2012)

Campus and Teacher Websites Recognized by Others
Hernandez Middle School was recently mentioned on Moodle News for embracing moodle.
Read the post at the following link:

Westwood High School teacher Mr. Williams had his Google Earth website featured on the Google Earth Blog. Click on the link below to read more.

Career exploration and hands on learning takes place at many of our campuses. Students are given many opportunities to work on real life problems as they try to decide what they want to pursue in their future.

C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Career Development”

Deerpark Middle School “Engineers Helping Engineers Using Skype”

Grisham Middle School “Bridge Building Design and Construction”

Ridgeview Middle School “Career Exploration in 7th Grade”!/2011/10/career-exploration-in-7th-grade.html

McNeil High School “Engineering Students Build Prototype Calendar”

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/9/2012)

Stony Point High School students create the school’s first Android Application which gives students and staff quick access to school information. Click the link below to read more about the app.

Campuses use a variety of methods to communicate with all stakeholders. Some of the methods include QR Codes, videos, digital newspapers, and Twitter.
Cedar Valley Middle School “Skills for Life”

Deerpark Middle School
“Communicating Through Art”
“QR Codes”

Canyon Vista Middle School “Technology Applications
Students at Canyon Vista Middle School in the Mustang Discovery class are educated in Cybersmarts, Cyberbullying Awareness, Web Browsing Basics, Computer Fundamentals, Keyboarding Instruction, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Introduction to Multimedia Applications. Click the link to read more about the program.

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/3/2012)

Teachers are implementing online tools to help check for understanding. Using tools such as Poll Everywhere, teachers are able to check for understanding on topics recently covered in class. Students can respond using either their own devices or district provided laptops or netbooks. Click the links below to see Poll Everywhere in action.
Hopewell Middle School “Poll Everywhere”
Round Rock High School “RRHS Students use Poll Everywhere”

Students have many different ways to present their learning and knowledge about topics they study. Students use Prezis, Animotos, videos, brochures, and digital posters. Click the links below to see great examples of student work.

Deerpark Middle School
Social Studies:

Grisham Middle School

Hernandez Middle School
Multi-Media Classes:
Spanish Class:

Hopewell Middle School

Ridgeview Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/11/texas-ecoregions-project.html
World Cultures:!/2011/09/world-cultures-brochures.html

Walsh Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/10/celebrating-freedom-week.html

Cedar Ridge High School
 Business Education:


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 12/12/2011)

Students are integrating data collection devices in their science classes as they perform experiments. Using Vernier LabQuest data collection technology, students can gather, graph, and analyze data.
Click on the links below to see the devices in action.
C.D.Fulkes Middle School “Vernier Probes in Science”
Hopewell Middle School “Vernier LabQuest”

Students rely on technology to gather research. Unlike previous generations who only had access to books and other hard printed media, today’s students have the whole world at the fingertips via the Internet. While this global access is wonderful to have, it presents new challenges for today’s students who have to learn to sift through this overload of information and find credible resources in a timely manner.
Cedar Ridge High School “Learning How to Research”
Stony Point High School “Health students produce research based presentations Cancer Awareness Month”

Students have been learning about bullying and have created public service announcements on what to do if you are being bullied. Check out the videos by clicking on the link below.
Hernandez Middle School “ASPIRE Students Create Videos on Bullying”

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 11/14/2011)

Many of our campuses provide students with real life, hands on learning while working with engineering and computer aided design (CAD) software to solve problems. Students are learning to manipulate and utilize software programs such as Inventor, CAD, and the Fischer Factory. Click on the links below to see how the campuses are using these programs to create engaging learning environments.
C.D. Fulkes Middle School “Coordinate Geometry Using Inventor”
Cedar Ridge High School “Computer Aided Design”
McNeil High School “The Fischer Factory”

Robotics is alive and well at many of our campuses. Robotics provides students an interactive way to apply knowledge and skills they learn in all of their other classes. Many of our campuses compete in First Lego League competitions across the central Texas area and have been recognized for their outstanding achievement. Click on the links below to see how campuses are integrating robotics.
Ridgeview Middle School “SumoBots”
Round Rock High School “Capitol Area BEST Robotics Competition”
Deerpark Middle School “Engineering, Robotics, and Food”


In the Spotlight (Secondary – 10/26/2011)

Many teachers across the district implement Moodle into their classrooms. Moodle is a web based Learning Management System that allows the classroom to be extended to the students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students use moodle to access and submit assignments, take quizzes and tests, and collaborate with their classmates and teachers. Click on the following links to see examples of how moodle is implemented at several different campuses.
– Deerpark Middle School “Virtual Tutorials”
– Grisham Middle School “Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom”
– Hopewell Middle School “Moodle”

The Smart Slate allows the teacher and students the freedom to interact with digital content from anywhere in the room. Whatever is written on the surface of the wireless slate can be seen on both the computer screen and the projection screen and can be saved. Some teachers use the Smart Slate to take notes during class and then they save the notes to their teacher web page or to their moodle page. Click on the links below to see two examples of how Smart Slates are being used.
– Ridgeview Middle School “Smart Slates”
– Round Rock High School “Smart Geometry”

Stony Point High School Students Use Online Tools to Study the Galaxy

The Galaxies and Cosmos Explorer Tool ( is an online web-based tool that allows the general public and students to actively engage in this exciting adventure through quantitative analyses of HST images from the Galaxy Evolution from Morphology and SEDs (GEMS) survey, one of the widest-area galaxy surveys conducted in two filters with ACS to date. Mr. Green explains how his students use the technology to learn about galaxy classification.