In the Spotlight (Elementary – 4/5/2012)

“Teachers need to stop saying, ‘Hand it in,’ and start saying ‘Publish It.'” Alan November

Forest Creek’s Morning Broadcast
The morning broadcast at Forest Creek has been expanded this year to be much more interactive and engaging for the students. Visit “Coyotes Go Live on Ki O T News” at


More Great Technology Happenings on Elementary Campuses Around the District:
– Sommer kindergarten students develop basic technology skills as they learn writing skills. Visit “Kindergarten uses Word” at
– Purple Sage 1st grade students find numbers around the library. Visit “Numbers EVERYWHERE!” at
– Herrington 1st grade students expand their knowledge of other countries. Visit “Country Research by 1st Graders” at
– Caldwell Heights 3rd grade students collect and display their work in ePortfolios. Visit their March 30, 2012 posting at
– Caraway 3rd grade students conduct surveys, collect data, and analyze results. Visit “Data Graphing Projects” at
– Forest Creek 3rd grade students use technology to study and present their understanding of fractions. Visit “Washburn’s 3rd Graders Choose Technology” at
– Spicewood students become digital authors. Visit “Primary Students Create Digital Books: at
– Laurel Mountain students research and report on their favorite animals. Visit “Research and Presenting” at
– Herrington students enhance their dual language skills with Read Naturally. Visit “Students Practice Spanish with Read Naturally” at
– Berkman TAG students experience a dynamic learning environment through embedded technology integration. Visit “TAG Tech Integration” at
– Old Town students and staff enjoy computer refresh. Visit “New Computers at Old Town” at

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 3/6/2012)

“The future belongs to young people who know where the knowledge is, how to get it, how to think about it, and how to turn it into better work, better products, and better lives.”
Rexford Brown, Executive Director, P.S. 1 Charter School and Urban Learning Communities, Inc.


C.D. Fulkes Middle School
Mrs. Walden’s Journalism Class sses Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to create the yearbook

Cedar Valley Middle School

This is How You do It

Cedar Valley is in the News for DLD

Commercial Espanol

Deerpark Middle School

Super Source Citing with Animoto

QR Codes Everywhere

Ridgeview Middle School

Brain Pop Helps with Clauses!/2012/03/brainpop-helps-with-clauses.html

Netbooks Make a Splash in Dance!/2012/02/netbooks-make-splash-in-dance.html

Bring Your Own Technology

Ridgeview Middle School!/2012/02/mrs-pickles-class-uses-cell-phone-to.html

Walsh Middle School

Cedar Ridge High School

Tech Tuesday – Smart Slates

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 11/7/2011)

Many of our campuses incorporate the use of both student and teacher created videos into their classrooms. Some videos are used as presentation vehicles while others are used by students and teachers to evaluate student work or as tutorials. Click on the links below to see how different campuses are integrating videos into daily classroom activities
– Chisholm Trail Middle School “Video de Hannah y Kirsta“
– Hernandez Middle School “Dance Class Uses Video to Improve Skills”
– Ridgeview Middle School “Area of Triangles and Trapezoids”
– Walsh Middle School “Math Tutorials”!/2011/10/math-tutorials.html
Cedar Valley Middle School “Bonjour, parlez-vous français?”

Many of our campuses are introducing Prezis as a way to display learning. Prezi is a cloud-based, presentation editing software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. It is a nice alternative to PowerPoint and other traditional presentation programs. Prezis provide visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery. Click on the links to see example of Prezis in action.

– Cedar Ridge High School “Dance History via Prezi”
– Round Rock High School “Dim Class Presents with Prezi”
– Westwood High School “Ballet and Jazz”


Chisholm Trail MS: Service Learning in the Spanish Classroom

Students work on their foreign language acquisition skills and improve their own reading comprehension in their native language by creating podcasts of childrens literature in Spanish. Teachers and students across the district will be able to use the podcasts to improve literacy and help enrich their own classroom experiences.
This $600 project has been fully funded by Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union!

In the Spotlight (Secondary – 1/3/2012)

Teachers are implementing online tools to help check for understanding. Using tools such as Poll Everywhere, teachers are able to check for understanding on topics recently covered in class. Students can respond using either their own devices or district provided laptops or netbooks. Click the links below to see Poll Everywhere in action.
Hopewell Middle School “Poll Everywhere”
Round Rock High School “RRHS Students use Poll Everywhere”

Students have many different ways to present their learning and knowledge about topics they study. Students use Prezis, Animotos, videos, brochures, and digital posters. Click the links below to see great examples of student work.

Deerpark Middle School
Social Studies:

Grisham Middle School

Hernandez Middle School
Multi-Media Classes:
Spanish Class:

Hopewell Middle School

Ridgeview Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/11/texas-ecoregions-project.html
World Cultures:!/2011/09/world-cultures-brochures.html

Walsh Middle School
Social Studies:!/2011/10/celebrating-freedom-week.html

Cedar Ridge High School