Laurel Mountain showcases enrichment projects during event

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/15/14

Laurel Mountain Elementary School fourth and fifth grade students shared their projects from enrichment clusters. Legos, duct tape, pottery, writing, and more were offered Friday mornings to these students as opportunities for creativity and fun. Parents were invited Friday December 12 to view projects and products created during… (Read More)


Warriors code to celebrate Computer Science Education Week

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/12/14

The Westwood Warrior Tech Group hosted an event during on Thursday morning featuring a few of the Hour of Code activities, with students completing the most activities earning points that led to prizes.

Westwood instructional technology specialist Christy Fennewald and the school’s librarians organized the event with students.


Spicewood teachers, computer science students introduce coding to classrooms

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/11/14

Teachers at Spicewood Elementary School brought a special treat to students in all grade levels with Hour of Code exercises. Along the way to being introduced to computer science, student also received a lesson in logic, problem solving and creative thinking through themed-games like zombies, “Frozen” and Angry Birds. On Wednesday, Spicewood students participated in… (Read More)

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Pond Springs classes code with local engineers, Angry Birds

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/10/14

Carts of laptops were wheeled through the halls of Pond Springs Elementary School Wednesday to introduce the entire school to computer science through the Hour of Code lessons. The fourth grade classes focused an hour on an Angry Birds themed code lesson using visual code blocks to make the bird move. The students used trial-and-error… (Read More)


Dragons bring friends to learn computer coding

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/9/14

Round Rock High School students in computer science and web technologies classes were challenged to bring peers to a coding lessons after school Tuesday as part of the Hour of Code challenge for Computer Science Education Week. Teachers Jean Zajicek, Ian Edgeley and Peggy Mica organized the game-type activity that had students writing their first computer… (Read More)


Live Oak partners with Adecco for Hour of Code

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 12/8/14

Three classes at Live Oak Elementary School had the opportunity Monday to code with volunteers from Adecco, an Austin-based technical recruiting firm. The special event was part of The Hour of Code, an initiative to introduce students to coding through one-hour lessons this week. The Hour of Code is also part of Computer Science Education… (Read More)


Girl-focused coding club brings confidence, STEM skills

Reposted from Round Rock ISD Press Release 11/7/14

More than a dozen girls at Deerpark Middle School are learning 21st century skills through an all-girl coding club, which meets twice each month. Shannon Sieber, Deerpark instructional technology specialist, started the Code Like a Girl club with special education department chair Zenovia Decuir, who was a web programmer before teaching. “When you say math,… (Read More)


2013-2014: A School Year Rich in Technology Integration

As we close another school year, we reflect on the many examples of lessons and activities which we have proudly had the privilege to post on this blog. They are representative of the commitment by educators throughout the district to meet the needs and learning styles of today’s 21st Century learners.
Until the new school year starts, please enjoy the previous postings on this district blog and be sure to check out the other postings by the individual campuses by clicking on the elementary school name on the right or the secondary school name on the left.

Technology: Hot Item on Holiday Wish Lists

Technology in different forms is a hot item on wish-lists and shopping-lists for students, parents, and teachers this holiday season. The increased role technology is playing in education and instructional technology initiatives, such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), is influencing and impacting those lists. If this is the case with you or someone you know, please consider:

– Be aware of the following from the district’s BYOD documents which are included in the Student/Parent Handbooks ( Acceptable BYOD Technology includes laptops, cell phones, smart phones, iPads, iPods, and Android tablets. (Note: Nintendo DSi and or other gaming devices with internet access are not permissible at this time.) Some suggested minimum requirements are: Word Processing Capability, 802.11 a/b/g/n Connectivity.

– Visit the Technology Showcase blogs for your specific campus, as well as campuses across the district, to see technology tools that are enhancing educational environments in the classroom.

– Understand the purpose for which the tool will be used. Will the device be used primarily for research, communication, or creating products? (i.e. consumption of information on the web such as browsing, email, reading, games/apps, movies vs. creation of products using tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, movie or photo editing)? This helps determine if additional drives/connection options are necessary (are they going to be hooking it up to a TV for a better screen size, etc) and also helps to understand what kind of processing power is necessary. Will the device work well with the current home systems/configuration?

Welcome to RRISD Getting I.T. Right!

Welcome to this first Getting I.T. Right district posting for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Please continue to join us here throughout the year as we share exemplary learning environments through technology integration. You will also find updates on the ever-changing role of technology in education. To see examples of student created projects and technology integration taking place on an individual campus, click the appropriate campus name.