School Technology and Readiness (STaR) Chart

Campus Instructional Technology Specialists have been working with their campus principals to develop a professional development plan for integrating technology into the curriculum. As part of this plan, data from previous years Texas Teacher STaR (School Technology and Readiness) Chart is analyzed to identify areas for growth. Teachers will complete the Texas Teacher STaR Chart in the spring and the results will again be analyzed. The Texas Teacher STaR Chart has been developed around the four key areas of the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020: Teaching and Learning; Educator Preparation and Development; Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support; and Infrastructure for Technology. The Texas Teacher STaR Chart is designed to help teachers, campuses, and districts determine their progress toward meeting the goals of the Long-Range Plan for Technology, as well as meeting the goals of the district. For more information on the Texas Teacher STaR Chart visit

What Principals Want and Value from the Campus ITS

Linked to this posting is a Wordle that was created using principal comments regarding job performance and expectations of the campus Instructional Technology Specialists. The more times a word is repeated within a text, the larger it is displayed on the Wordle. Based on the product that resulted, it is clear that the principals show greater appreciation for the efforts of the ITS on teacher training, curriculum, and classroom instructional support more than they do of the “fix-it” efforts. This is right in line with the Vision, Mission, Goals, and personal beliefs of the Instructional Technology Department.


Instructional Technology Specialists Making a Difference at Every Campus

Recently, when asked what they thought about the ITS assigned to their campus, this is what they said:
(A simple video of these quotes is at the bottom of this posting.)

1. Teachers adore him, administration admires him, and kids rely on him. He is the best!!!
2. Cannot imagine doing this without him.
3. All stake holders have benefited from her work at making us all technology users.
4. He has a vision for our campus and I leave rejuvenated after every conversation with him!
5. He is much more than the “fix it man” and teachers come to him for ideas on effectively implementing technology strategies in the classroom.
6. He is always looking for ways to improve and I can only imagine what he could do if he was full time on my campus!
7. She is seen as an “instructional” leader on campus and while she may assist with tech requests, this is not her main role. People come to her for ideas and help implementing new strategies in their classroom.
8. She has calmed fears about letting students use technology in the classroom by showing teachers how to use it for learning.
9. I love working with her and never feel uncomfortable asking for assistance. She brings new ideas to me to increase efficiency of campus operations.
10. Our staff looks to her for leadership and direction. This is easy since she has proven her knowledge and established trust. She ‘s never lets us down!
11. She is extremely good about collaborating with administration to discuss and plan the next steps for the campus in technology.
12. She considers the skills of each teacher and plans accordingly.
13. She collaborates about budget, alternatives and suggestions to save money and use money the best way.
14. She involves herself in all aspects of school life. She drops everything to help staff, students, and parents without hesitation. We couldn’t do a third of what we do without her!!
15. She is not only needed here but has become a part of our educational team
16. She is truly the best ITS in the district. She is a valuable asset to our school. I depend on her for instructional leadership as well as her technology genius. She is amazing, and I adore her!
17. He is an essential part of our leadership team and our administrative team. He is viewed by staff as willing to go the extra mile.
18. I see more teachers taking risks to try new technology because they know that they have him as a support.
19. I cannot express enough the positive impact he has on our campus. I will throw a fit if he is ever reassigned somewhere else!
20. I am absolutely certain she has helped our overall campus performance!
21. She is brilliant at moving teachers from ordinary to extraordinary!
22. Combining instructional excellence with powerful technology integration has been excellent and only limited by the amount of technology available on our campus.
23. She is an integral part of ALL our staff development and is extraordinary in differentiating our professional development sessions.
24. She is a gift. She is an outstanding leader and a invaluable resource at *our school*.
25. He is the most OUTSTANDING ITS I have had the pleasure to work with in RRISD! Our campus teachers LOVE him. He is patient, respectful, knows the staff as learners, and is encouraging. He advocates for our campus, and the teachers know it.
26. He also reviews the STAAR chart results in great detail with the tech team each year to determine next steps for campus growth.
27. Our campus is full of eager technology learners and this is LARGELY due to his style.
28. We have a long way to go and I’m confident that she will help get us there!
29. He does help with the repairs and maintenance, but his larger role is to build capacity among the teachers so that they can move the campus forward and provide authentic learning opportunities for our students with technology naturally embedded as part of daily instruction and learning.
30. She is wonderful, fabulous, amazing, helpful, professional, supportive, and knowledgeable. I hope she never leaves *our campus*!
31. All learning on our campus is positively impacted by her work as our ITS
32. She is seen as an instructional resource and not just as a technology resource.
33. She is an indispensable member of the *campus* team. What would we do without her?!



Instructional Technology Presentation at “Leadership Round Rock ISD”

As part of the district’s efforts to engage members of the community and to develop interest in future Board of Trustees candidates, Round Rock ISD created “Leadership Round Rock ISD” which offers district stakeholders the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of Round Rock ISD, meet the people who are responsible for programs and services, and see first-hand how the district creates a climate of success for our rapidly growing, diverse student population.
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Representatives from the RRISD Instructional Technology Department were invited to present a brief overview of how instructional technology is being implemented in the district at their February 19, 2013 meeting. Below are links to the presentation document and sample classroom learning experiences using technology.

Link to Presentation Document:

Sample Links from the campus Getting I.T. Right Blogs:
– McNeil High School – BYOD!/2012/10/last-friday-students-were-using.html
– Round Rock High School – Laptop initiative
– Deerpark Middle School – Robotics
– Grisham – PSA
– Bluebonnet Elementary – Video Learning
– Chandler Oaks Elementary – Paper Slides (Kinder)
– Brushy Creek Elementary – Science Collaboration
– Callison Elementary – Robotics

“Homework” requested of the attendees: Please visit the various campus blogs, look for posts that you find particularly interesting, and leave a comment.

Video of ITS explaining her role on the campus:

Article by Patrick Ledesma on October 23, 2012:
Technology Experts in Schools: Teacher Leaders or Technicians?

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technology is being integrated into the curriculum.
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Vision and Mission: Instructional Technology Dept.

Vision Statement
In combination with powerful teaching, instructional technology empowers learners to undertake authentic projects for learning and personal productivity. Every student will participate in engaging experiences that are associated with critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Mission Statement
Instructional Technology promotes exemplary practices of technology integration by incorporating effective learning environments, positive attitudes and behaviors, a sense of community, and meaningful professional development.*





  • Learning Environment:
    • ubiquitous access to technology tools and resources
    • classrooms beyond the traditional walls
    • purposeful problem-solving
    • performance-based assessment practices
    • experiential and relevant learning
  • Attitudes and Behaviors:
    • inquisitive and self-directed learners
    • digital citizenship and responsible social interactions
    • ethical use of digital information
  • Community:
    • global awareness and connectivity
    • understand cultural differences
    • sense of identity and digital footprint
  • Professional Development:
    • participation in learning communities
    • evaluation and reflection of current practices
    • effective use of existing and emerging digital tools